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Frontierland VMK Quest


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  • Frontierland VMK Quest

    1. How many rubies sparkle and shine within the letters of the "The Golden Horseshoe" sign?... Most of the time

    2. Most folks say this was the year the Fireworks Company came to the Frontier?

    3. Locate Rainbow Ridge around this rock formation, and find which building is at this location?
    The feed Store
    The Assay office
    The fireworks Company

    4. On teh wanted poster for Alameda Slim... what's the reward for turnin' him in?

    5. In Critter Country find Tom's lookout point, where the view across the river won't disappoint. But what won't you see HANGING on Tom Sawyer Island?
    Buckskin clothing
    A hangman's noose
    A rowboat
    A lantern

    6. This last question is the hardest you know, and will keep you searching high and low! Which of these wood-carved animals is the ONLY one you WILL find in CRITTER COUNTRY?
    Brer Fox with a club
    Brer Possum with a hammer
    Brer Rabbit with Brer Frog on his shoulder
    Brer Bear with a fishing pole
    Nemo's not in slumberland anymore!

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