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Adventureland VMK quest


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  • Adventureland VMK quest

    I liked doing this one, maybe I just like this land...hmm

    1. When explorers leave thier tent to roam, which Jungle Cruise animals make themselves at home?

    2. Indiana Jones Adventure awaits, and as you exit find the truck's license plates.

    3. Find who's in charge of keeping time (in the tiki room)?

    4. For these Adventureland activities you'll have to pay, but which one costs the most to play?
    Rajah's Penny-Prees
    Shrunken Ned's Witch-Doctor Advice
    Aladdin's Other Lamp wishes

    5. At Indiana Jones Adventure step just inside, to a stone obelisk showing how people died. These fates await those who look in Mara's eye, but which one of these is NOT a way you'll die?
    Eaten by rats
    Bitten by a snake
    Impaled on stakes
    Stung by a scorpion

    6. This last question will make you take note, while waiting in line BEFORE boarding your boat. A queue-line creature is what you seek, it's animated movement makes it unique.(Jungle Cruise)
    Nemo's not in slumberland anymore!

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