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3 Things that annoy you most about VMK


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  • 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

    Hmm so I know there is at least 3 things on VMK that annoy you. Weather its what people say or do. Or what they sell or don't sell. Name 3 (or 4) & try not to repeat. Please do not yell at others or be mean for someone saying something, do not use VMK titles (you never know who is on mice or who knows someone), and don't attack anyone! (:

    1. When you are playing pirates and the other team wins and they say gg. Wow that's kind of just rubbing it in your face. I thought only people who lost should say gg so it shows they aren't mad or sore losers. Yeah they might think it is making you feel better, but it annoys me. It seems like they're trying to say oh we won and you didn't haha.

    2. People who ask you for free stuff just because you have on good clothes or pins. I mean I'm in my trade room and in the info it says: Nothing is for free, please don't ask(: And guess what, they ask. Than when I say no they get mad and say "I'm reporting!" Oh okay report me so the staff can have a good laugh. What are they going to say this girl is mean she didn't give me free stuff. I mean I earned my items, noone just gave them to me on a silver platter.

    3. People who think they're cool and try to curse on VMK. "You beach!" "Duck you!" (etc.). Where's that going to get you in the game, besides a nice ban. Than they complain about getting banned and saying how much they hate VMK and VMK staff because they banned them. Than they want to blow up the world after or they blame it on someone else, "My friends cousins brothers sisters boyfriends aunt went on my account and they said those mean things so you should unban me. It wasn't me."

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    Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

    1. Lag
    2. annoying ppl that beg for your stuff
    3. random friend requests
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      Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

      WEll i hate
      1) when people say lag like 10 time. Where in the same rooms hut up we know theres lag >_<

      2) When people trade you asking if your trading something thats your not wearing. and when people put stuff up and say "offer"

      3) When you first walk in a trade room and get like 10 request. I mean i have crapy clothes on what would they want



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        Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK


        1. How the opening music/sounds always come on at the beginning even if you normally have the sound turned off.

        2. How items that have been previously checked to be moved by guests are still able to be moved by others if they're moved to a different room.

        Okay, I can only think of 2 at the moment.


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          Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

          1. People who are only my friend to send me messages that say "come here"

          2. people who beg for free stuff, and ppl who offer up a really bad deal and say please so many times that is all u see on the trade screen

          3. Agreeing with pinkchiclett here, I get annoyed when ppl start saying things like. Woot woot we win, and omg We Win!! ... its like, We see that you won dont rub it in!
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            Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

            1) Bad sports in Pirates. After 6000+ wins of pirates I'm so sick of hearing people give me excuses when they lose ("OMG I HAVE LAG NO FAIR OMG!!! CHEATER!!!"), talking about how they're better than everyone else, cursing at people, bragging when they win, etc. -_-

            2) The people that ask me if I'm taken... or have free stuff for them...

            3) The amount of friend requests I get per day just because of my title... about 200-300 per day depending on the day. >_<


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              Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

              Hmm. 3 things huh?
              Lets see.

              1. When you say "no thank you" to trade offers, and the person you're trading with goes WAIT! and adds on. I hate that. :I

              2. Hosts. Idk. But they just sorta annoy me. heh.

              3. People who boot you randomly in Pirates.
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                Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

                1. Taken
                2. Beggars
                3. Bay bees


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                  Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

                  1. When I kick people's butts in pirates, and they go all phyco on me. (OMG! You cheated! OMG! omg omg omg! cheater! I report you! omg omg omg!) Ok, well actually this amuses me..... but in an annoying kind of way.


                  Boy: Hey bay be
                  Girl: hi bay be lol
                  Boy: want to catch a movie bay be?
                  Girl: sure lol
                  Boy: alright, what to see?
                  Girl: lol hehe
                  Boy: .. ok
                  Girl: lol, im so funny, hehe lol
                  Boy: .. follow i guess
                  Girl: lol, ok, hehe
                  Boy: lets go to our room and do it
                  Girl: lol, rofl, hehe, ok
                  - boy leaves -
                  Girl: lol hehe

                  (Trust me, I've seen it happen)

                  3. People who are taken, but want to be a CL.

                  For example, a person's signature: taken by best in vmk! want to be community leader!

                  Oh, and also, people who don't capitilize their room names, and their own titles. >< Although, if you're a friend, I'll let it slide ^^

                  Well, that's actually four things.... oh well :lol:
                  Last edited by Jaybeth; 08-01-2007, 09:55 PM.


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                    Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

                    Oops.. double posted...


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                      Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

                      1. when Ppl keep trading me and trading me... even when i say stop >_<

                      2. When People put up bad offers like... Jeans for golden ears... i say no then they start yelling saying IM GOING TO REPORT U!!!! BC U DIDNT TRADE THE EARS!!!

                      3. when I see ppl do taken and they keep bugging me ( Im copying the whole talk thing from Jaybeth... had no other ideas.. )

                      Boy : Hey U Taken?

                      Me : Uh.. first of all i dont do taken and seconded of all do i know u?

                      Boy : Im Hat come On, dont u want me?

                      Me : Uh... Bye

                      ( I Leave )


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                        Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

                        Oh i also hate it when people ask me to trade in host rooms when im talking to a host. that gets on my nerves.
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                        ...Not like anyone on here really gives a care about me anyway...


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                          Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

                          1. Random Trade Requests when I wear my sparrow suit. I mean can I just wear an outfit and enjoy it?

                          2. Random friend requests just because I'm as one person said ' rich '.

                          3. People who do not type out words. For example: Wat, bc, tis, ppl, plz, pls, thx, etc.


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                            Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

                            1. I dislike poor sportsmenship. Mostly in Pirates, since that's really all I play. EVen if I don't have 6000+ wins [:OHMYGAWD!] I have played enough to know how mistreated good players are. Even when they are nice. Or even a simple "cheat" would make me upset.

                            2. I dislike when I get multiple friend requests after I deny their first. I think "I already declinded your friend request, just leave it at that". I'd rather have friends who know a little about me on my list then some random person who just wants their list filled so they can brag to their friends.

                            3. ^_^ I cannot think of anything else.


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                              Re: 3 Things that annoy you most about VMK

                              1. My 15 friend requests a day, even though I only have NPC pins & magic pins on. They only do that, then never come on, so it's a big waste of my friends list.

                              2. One thing that caught my eye yesterday; Users with accepted names, feeding guests false info. Yesterday while doing my NPC rounds, a girl who had a blue princess otufit on, was telling everyone, "I'm rich, request me and I'll tell u how too get rich." So a guest says "help me plz im really poor. plz." So the user says, "click on dragon tree times a day. it gets u lots of credits." It annoys me that they have maybe been on VMK for just one more day than the guest, and they think they know everything.

                              3. People who say they have an amazing offer for something you worked hard for, then it ends up being buyable clothes, pins and furnish. That really annoys me because I think, "Oh, finally, something good I get out of this!" then it just ends up being something I already have/don't want[need]
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