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BIrddddiiiiieeeeee Hat!!


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  • BIrddddiiiiieeeeee Hat!!

    Trading bird!
    I am looking for credits and costumes and room codes!!

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    Re: BIrddddiiiiieeeeee Hat!!

    my trade list: I have shopping sprees too.

    Shopping sprees!!! want me to buy this weekends pin and stuff for you? Just offer some of my wants and let me know how many you want
    Pirate's Fortress Room Code
    Pirate Couch
    Green flip hat x4
    Giraffe Pin x2
    Club 33 pin x5
    Matterhorn Bobsled x5
    Typhoon Lagoon Pin x2
    Peter Pan Quest Pin
    Treasure Cave Pin
    High School Musical Piano
    Full Kali Couch
    Animation Viewer x3
    Black Cowboy shirt x3
    Red Cowboy shirt
    Referee outfit (no shoes)
    Mad Hatter Hat x2
    Blue Typhoon lagoon crate x20
    Well chair x2
    Magenta rocket x1
    Wreath pin x1
    Cyan heart chair
    All space month pins x2
    All holiday 2006 pins x1
    HKDL Disneyland Hotel pin x2
    DLP Disneyland Hotel pin x2
    DLP New York hotel pin x2
    New Orleans Dubloon pin x2
    Mint Julep pin x2
    Monte Cristo pin x2
    Jazz pin x2
    Dead man's chest pin x2
    Halloween bat pin
    Tiki rug, color green x2
    Tiki Wall color Green
    Tiki fountain x3
    Skeleton at the helm x2
    Fantasyland Castle Retro Pin
    Space Mountain Up Pieces x14
    Space Mountain Down Pieces x14
    Green Piare Throne x11
    Blue Pirate Throne x6
    Black Pirate Throne x5
    Purple Pirate Throne x11
    Plain Pirate Wall x0
    Cannon Pirate Wall x17
    Turret Pirate Wall x12
    Pirate hat x4
    Shopping sprees!!!

    Stitch Hat
    Stitch Box
    Stitch Pin
    Sparrow Suit (full or pieces)
    Grey Mansion Suit (Full or pieces)
    Green Explorer Outfit (full or Pieces)
    Red Baseball outfit (Full or pieces)
    Brown Cowboy Shirt
    Brown Cowboy Shirt with vest
    Hong Kong T-Shirt Color Red
    Gold Snowman
    White Snowman
    Flaming Ransacked Window
    Crows Nest Barstool & post
    Seagull's Nest Pirate Hat
    Pirate Treasure Rug (small sand)
    Captain's Quarters Couch
    Galleon Bow Chair
    Galleon Stren Chair
    Gold Treasure Chair
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ - Magenta
    Master Gracie's Grandfather Clock
    Pink Tiki
    Princess minnie hat
    Musketeer Hat
    Full Yellow Space Suit
    Eye pin
    Grand Califonian and Floridian pins
    Lion Pin
    Toucan Pin
    Hyena Pin
    Tiki room opens pin
    ANY Haunted mansion pins
    ANY ATIS pins
    ANY magic
    Red Inner Space Suit codes
    Buried in Treasure magic
    Cursed Storm magic
    Turn into Pirate magic
    Candy Cauldron
    DLR pumpkin
    Hong Kong Disneyland Pin
    Honk Kong Tomorrowland Pin
    Kong Kong Adventureland Pin
    Hong Kong Hotel Pin
    Animation Viewer
    Mickey TV
    Full Home Theater Set (or pieces)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Color Yellow
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Color Cyan
    Cactus Armchair Color Sea Green
    Coffee Table Crate Color Red
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Color Red
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Color Red
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Color Red
    Flying Saucer Chair Color Cyan
    Flying Saucer Chair Color Green
    Glass Slipper Seat Color Pink
    Glass Slipper Seat Color Yellow
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Color Orange
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Color Black
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Color Yellow
    Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair Color Red
    Pirate Player Piano Color Purple
    Pirate Treasure Chest Color Purple
    Rocketship Couch Color Cyan
    Rocketship Couch Color Green
    Tea Cup Seat Color Green
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Color Red
    Underwater Organ Color Blue
    Hong Kong Disneyland Poster Color Green
    The Enchanted Tiki Room 3/9
    Tomorrowland 8/9
    Holiday 2005 pin
    Star of Mickey pin
    Valentines 06 pin
    Mad Tea Party Pin
    Casey Jr. Pin
    Small World Pin (From swoard in stone)
    Monsters Opening pin

    Jack's Compass Pins
    Herbie Top and shoes (boys)
    Pirate Prison Room code
    Haunted Mansion Conservatory Guest Room Code
    Jungle Cruise Explorer's Tent Guest Room
    Safari Lifestyle Collection
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair - Blue
    Captain Nemo's Chair Color Pink
    Baseball Predictometer
    toy Soldier Color Green
    Toy Soldier Color Yellow
    Toy Solider Color Blue
    Blue Wreath
    Tiki rug, color blue
    50th Celebration Director's Chair Color Yellow
    50th Celebration Director's Chair Color Green
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Color Cyan
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Color Magenta
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Color Yellow
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Blue
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Purple
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Red
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Color Blue
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Color Purple
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Color Green
    Penny Press - Gold Edition
    Retro Turnstile - Gold Edition
    Random Number Generator - Gold Edition
    Disneyland Velvet-rope Room Divider - gold Edition
    Random Number Generator Color Green
    Random Number Generator Color Red
    Hong Kong Paper Lantern Color Cyan
    Hong Kong Paper Lantern Color Magenta
    Holiday Wreath Color Green
    Bamboo Wall Divider Color Yellow
    Typhoon Lagoon Crate Color Green
    Monsters Inc Teleporter - Gold Edition
    Monsters Inc Teleporter - Purple
    Four Leaf Clover Pin
    Buzz Cup Pin


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      Re: BIrddddiiiiieeeeee Hat!!

      hmm idk what to pick lol


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        Re: BIrddddiiiiieeeeee Hat!!

        well go ahead and make an offer and I'll let you know


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