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need help with Princess hat offer


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  • need help with Princess hat offer

    I am taking offers for my Princess Minnie Hat. Can you tell me which offer is best?

    1. 2* cursed storm magic
    1* Pirate magic
    1* bling magic
    Full home theater
    ice cream pin
    thrill seeker pin
    Hurricane bay pin

    2.Brown mansion suit & shoes
    Herbie hat, jacket & shoes
    bird hat
    4th of july hat
    magenta heart chair
    holiday snowflake pin
    hkdl hotel pin
    space mountain pin

    3. bird hat
    witch hat
    maleficent hat
    feather mask
    jafar hat
    black ears
    hero mask
    native headdress
    football pants
    blue helmet
    brown mansion jacket

    4. herbie helmet & pants
    bird hat
    animators desk & stool
    gold ears
    5* cursed storm
    gold princess top & shoes
    super hero mask
    tron cabinet
    santa sleigh
    mad hatter hat

    5. 1* pirate magic
    red santa hat
    gold princess dress
    gold ears
    4th of july hat
    bird hat
    sorcerer hat
    cowboy hat
    pirate hat
    mission pants
    native boots

    6. bubbling cauldron
    (2) halloween bat bags
    1* fireworks
    turret chair
    mickey tree
    toon town fireplace
    cookie tree
    candy bench
    chanukah gifts
    red soldier
    (2) red, (1) magenta & (1) blue heart chair
    penny press
    herbie pants
    herbie poster
    blue football pants
    (2) blue typhoon lagoon crates
    brown mansion pants
    jungle poster
    saddle chair

    sorry for the long list but there were almost 40! :l

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    Re: need help with Princess hat offer

    Personally, I wouldn't take any of them - I think you can get more. But if you really want to, I'd go with #6.


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      Re: need help with Princess hat offer

      i agree with Dance

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        Re: need help with Princess hat offer

        ty...what should I be looking for?


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          Re: need help with Princess hat offer

          Well, it all depends on what you like. If you're planning to trade off the items you get from your hat, then you will probably want items that are in demand with good traders. These items include pirate quest, gold and white snowmen, mansion clocks, beta, and other things. If you like hats or costumes, you might want a variety of hats and costumes to be in the offer. If you're a big fan of christmas furniture, same thing. You need to trade it for what you want.

          Try posting in the trading section of this site, to see what type of offers you could get for the hat.

          P.S: Sorry this is kind of off topic, but could we meet up in VMK some time? I traded away my spare minnie and really want one back.

          Oh, and welcome to MiceChat!


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