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Looking for a Alice Tea Party pin


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  • Looking for a Alice Tea Party pin

    Anyone have an extra they want a trade in exchange?
    If so, what would you want for it?

    SweetestDreams dreaming

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    Re: Looking for a Alice Tea Party pin

    hiya I have a spare one, im not really sure what I would like for it, do you have a list of items you would trade for it?


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      Re: Looking for a Alice Tea Party pin

      As soon as I can get on and look I can let you know - thanks for offering to consider. Are you mainly looking for pins? clothes? furniture? I have some of each to offer I am sure. I'd trade a bunch of stuff for it. Also I know I have an extra invisibility magic for sure.

      Dreams (off to Spanish class til 7pm mountain time)
      trying to get on right now - taking forever to load-:
      invisibility magic
      club 33
      matterhorn bobsled
      valentine 07
      shamrock 07
      channukah candle pin 06
      alice in wonderland quest pin
      davey jones key pin
      dead mans chest
      liars dice
      blue bayou monte cristo pin
      dumbo pin
      DLP hotel NY or hotel disneyland
      peter pan's flight
      pirates of carribean insider tour pin
      voodoo doll
      waterparks teamboat springs

      baseball diamond pad
      wishing well chair
      pirate chairs and pirate game white turrets or walls
      any current buyables
      animator desk
      animation viewer
      tron table and chairs
      candy cane blue
      haunted mansion rock chair green
      pink heartless hamper or green or blue
      stitch teleporter
      alice clothes
      deep sea clothes
      feather mask
      ref hat
      ref pants
      jester hat
      mission space clothes
      beret pink or black
      pirate hat with eye patch
      pirate girl clothes
      st pat day santa hat

      anything/s interesting? you can have all of it together except the DLP pins, waterpark pin, deep sea pants outfit, ref pants and candy cane, if you want, as I just have only one of each of those. Or combos with any of those re-including those exclusions.
      I can get ahold of some pink door codes too if that would interest you. I might have some room codes around if you want me to look for those.
      What is your VMK name - the same. I couldn't tell from your profile. thanks for considering!

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