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<3 LOOKING FOR: Stitch Hat!!!


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  • <3 LOOKING FOR: Stitch Hat!!!

    Yes, I have decided to embark on a quest [again] of my own to obtain the infamous Stitch Hat.
    Except this time, I will stay active and I *will* reach my goal ;]

    This is all the stuff I have that I'm willing to trade:


    [2x] Ace of Spades Carpet
    [3x] Baseball Bench
    [1x] Purple Penny Press
    [2x] Purple Turnstile
    [1x] Blue Turnstile
    [1x] Red Turnstile
    [1x] Gold Turnstile
    [1x] Gold Random Number Generator
    [1x] Gold Scoreboard
    [2x] Everest Ride Car
    [1x] Full Kali Couch
    [2x] Magenta Rocketship Couch
    [7x] Space Mountain Downhill Ride Piece
    [8x] Space Mountain Uphill Ride Piece

    [1x] FULL Home Theater System

    [2x] Santa's Chair
    [1x] Candy Cane Blue
    [1x] Candy Cane Green
    [3x] Gingerbread Bench
    [1x] Toy Soldier Red
    [1x] Everest Chair (mountain shaped one)
    [1x] Wanted Poster
    [1x] Well Chair
    [1x] Chanukah Presents
    [1x] Churro Cart
    [1x] Popcorn Cart
    [1x] Animator’s Desk

    [1x] Red Heart Chair
    [1x] Blue Heart Chair
    [1x] Pink Heart Chair

    [3x] High School Musical Piano
    [1x] Animation Viewer
    [1x] Dreams Pirate Turret Chair
    [1x] Dreams Castle Turret Chair

    [2x] Halloween Candy Dispenser
    [2x] Halloween Bat Bag
    [1x] Mickey Ear Pumpkin
    [1x] Chernabog Carpet
    [1x] Set of Stitch Teleporters
    [1x] Tiki Tiki Tiki Fountain
    [4x] Bamboo Floor Carpet (1 of each color)
    [1x] Bamboo Wall Red


    [2x] Adventureland Retro Pin [retired]
    [1x] DLP Disneyland Hotel Pin
    [1x] HKDL Disneyland Hotel Pin
    [1x] WDW Animal Kingdom Lodge Pin
    [1x] Halloween '06 Pin
    [1x] Halloween Pumpkin Pin
    [1x] Halloween Witch Pin
    [1x] Holiday 2006 Wreath Pin
    [2x] Holiday 2006 Candy Canes Pin
    [1x] Casey Jr. Pin
    [1x] Pretzel Pin
    [1x] Turkey Leg Pin
    [2x] Matterhorn Bobsleds Pin [host prize]
    [3x] Peter Pan Quest Pin

    [1x] Pirates of the Caribbean Insider Tour Pin [retired & very rare]

    [2x] Space Mtn. Sign Pin [host prize]
    [2x] Thanksgiving '06 Pin
    [1x] Valentine's 2007 Pin
    [1x] VMK Fantasyland Quest Pin
    [1x] VMK Frontierland Quest Pin
    [1x] Madame Leota Pin


    [2x] Pirate Bandana
    [1x] Fourth of July Hat
    [2x] Flip Hat
    [1x] Black Cowboy Shirt With Vest
    [1x] Red Cowboy Shirt With Vest
    [1x] Yellow Explorer's Shirt With Camera
    [1x] Green Explorer Pants
    [1x] Explorer Boots
    [1x] Football Referee Hat
    [1x] Brown Haunted Mansion Top
    [1x] Brown Haunted Mansion Pants
    [1x] Brown Haunted Mansion Shoes

    [1x] Santa Hat Red
    [1x] Santa Hat Green
    [1x] Jafar Hat
    [1x] Mad Hatter Hat
    [1x] Mission Space Helmet
    [1x] Space Pants Green
    [1x] Yellow Space Top
    [1x] Yellow Space Shoes

    [1x] Native American Vest
    [1x] Native American Boots
    [1x] Peter Pan Hat
    [1x] FULL Blue Princess Dress
    [1x] FULL Gold Princess Dress
    [1x] Sorcerer Hat
    [2x] Black Mickey Ears
    [1x] Princess Tiara
    [1x] FULL Green Superhero Outfit
    [1x] FULL Pink Superhero Outfit
    [1x] Witch Hat
    [1x] Bling Top in Every Color
    [1x] VMK Top in every color

    [1x] Pirate Fortress Room Code [UNUSED]
    [1x] High School Musical Gym Room Code [UNUSED]

    In your post, please let me know what things interested you in my offer or what I could add, etc.
    Thanks for your time! xD
    it's becoming real :]
    so this sea cucumber walks up to a mollusk..
    "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known."
    - Walt Disney

  • #2
    Re: &lt;3 LOOKING FOR: Stitch Hat!!!

    BUMP :]
    hopefully I get some response.
    it's becoming real :]
    so this sea cucumber walks up to a mollusk..
    "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known."
    - Walt Disney


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      Re: &lt;3 LOOKING FOR: Stitch Hat!!!

      Very.. uh.. LArge trade list. lol.. who would say no to that?
      VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am


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        Re: &lt;3 LOOKING FOR: Stitch Hat!!!

        lol, thanks.
        i hope someone likes the offer xP
        it's becoming real :]
        so this sea cucumber walks up to a mollusk..
        "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known."
        - Walt Disney


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