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  • Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure Game Guide


    Hello, this is my first in-depth guide for just about anything, so it might not be five star quality. The reason for making this guide is that, whenever someone talks about the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure Game, they always talk about how horrible they are at the game, namely; the third level.
    With this in mind, this will mostly be a guide for the third level, but I will also include short descriptions of the first two.

    Getting a handle on the game:

    There are a few things you have to understand before we begin. You could just read the actual instructions for the game for this part… but if you don’t feel like it, just read this:

    In every level, there are four items you have to obtain or just touch in order to proceed to the next level. There is a nifty gadget that tells you where these items are, relative to your position. This is called the compass. The compass is located in the lower right corner of the screen. Little arrows point in the direction of all of the items. Every time you collect or activate an item, one of the arrows disappears.

    Like most games, there are enemies in this game as well. Enemies on levels 1 & 2 fire cannonballs at you, so you’ll need to dodge them. But don’t worry, you can fire cannonballs right back: just aim with your mouse in their direction, and click to fire. You can click over and over again to fire rapidly, but you only can carry 5 cannonballs at once. Your stock of cannonballs refills over time though, so don’t worry if you miss a few shots.

    Hopefully that’s all you need to know before we begin, so let’s get started.

    ---A bit of help with levels 1 & 2---

    Enemies of level one:

    Pirate ships: 0.5 damage or so.
    Takes 5 cannonballs to sink them

    Main Guide:

    This is by far the easiest level. The enemies are so weak; you can just whiz on by them. You can fire at them if you like, but it’s not exactly necessary. The aim of this level is to get all four of the little Pirates of the Caribbean logos. I’d suggest getting them in this order: Upper-Right, Upper-Left, Lower-Left, Lower-Right. I just find that to be the easiest route. If someone finds a better one, let me know.
    Not much else on this level to write about, so we’re done here.

    Enemies of level two:

    Ghost Ships: 0.5, same as last level, I think
    Takes 10 cannonballs to sink them
    These guys can turn invisible at will, keep your eye on their position at all times while you’re near enough to get shot at.

    Main Guide:

    Just one thing before we start the guide to this level:
    I’m not sure if anyone else but me has thought this, but just so you know…
    the lightning bolts cannot hurt you. )

    Okay, with that out the way, let’s begin. The level layout of this level is the same as the last, just so you know.

    The aim of this level is to collect the creepy little skulls floating around in the water. As with the last level, there are four in this level, too, and they’re in exactly the same spots as last time. So just go on your regular route: Up-Right, Up-Left, Low-Left, Low-Right.

    I don’t know why, but the Ghost Ships really bug me on this level. It’s like no matter how many rounds of ammo I fire at them, they won’t leave me alone. So just fire at them as much as you can, and hope they sink eventually.

    ---Guide to The Misty Grotto---

    It’s time for what I’d guess to be your main purpose for reading this guide, so here we go.


    Kraken: One hit K.O.
    Takes 7 cannonballs to sink this monster of a squid, but he pops right back up after a few seconds.
    Jagged Rocks: 1.5 damage or there about
    They’re a very minor threat, just keep in mind to watch out for them
    Skull Rocks: 1.0 damage… maybe a little more
    When the eyes of this rock start glowing, get ready, because after a second, they fire two strange red balls at you. After you bump into it, its eyes turn green and it can’t hurt you.

    Main Guide:

    This level is by far the spookiest level in the game, but I’d argue it’s not the hardest. If you get the motions down, you can beat it on your first try a large portion of the games you play. In my opinion, the only real threat of this level is the Kraken; everything else is just a distraction.

    Instead of collecting items, as in the previous levels, you just have to bump into the “Skull Rocks”. Only problem with bumping into them is you lose all your speed and actually go backwards. That can be dangerous if the Kraken is behind you. So just try to make sure the Kraken is at low enough health to sink him in one or two shots before you bump into the Skull Rock.

    One thing to keep in mind though, is that the level layout is a bit different, here’s a picture of how it’s laid out:

    Teal Smilie: Your ship’s starting point
    Green “S”s: Skull Rocks
    Brown Masses: Islands
    Jagged Lines: Jagged Rocks
    Sail Boats: Wrecks of ships

    Okay, yeah… it’s a fairly rough map, but I figure it helps a bit.
    I’m going to present you with two routes that I know of. You can take ‘em or leave ‘em, or just come up with your own routes.

    The first route is the one I used when I began getting ship pieces, and is the one I hear people talking about the most. But the second one is one I came up with myself, and I find it to work the best out of any route I could think of.

    First Route:

    This route suggests you go the same path I’ve been having you go in the past two levels: Up-Right, Up-Left, Low-Left, Low-Right. If you look at the diagram, I’ve highlighted with a red tint the “danger zones” of that route, where if the Kraken was to appear, it might not turn out so well.

    The way to tell if you’re in a danger area is looking around you to see if there are any islands to the left or right of you. If there are, and the Kraken was to appear in front of you, it would be rather challenging to escape because you have nowhere to go but the opposite direction as the island.

    This can sometimes work, but if you’re in a really tight spot where there are islands on both sides, it has a large likelihood of not working. Also, the larger the island, the more dangerous it is to be around it. So just try to be far enough away from the larger islands that even if the Kraken appears in front of you, you have enough wiggle room to escape.

    The journey from the starting point to the first Skull Rock is easy; I hardly ever sink doing this part of the route. The next part is still almost as easy, but gets a bit more challenging. But don’t worry, with a little bit of practice, it’s fairly easy.

    Next comes the journey from Upper-Left to Lower-Left. This one is tricky, but still manageable. I’m not gonna’ lie and tell you it’s just as easy as the first two though, because I do often times sink here.

    Next comes the most challenging part of this route, in my opinion. You have to almost hug the side of the island the entire way through, and this is a large danger zone. I sink here most often out of all the journeys to the various Skull Rocks.

    Second Route:

    This route is just a bit different than the previous routes I’ve been instructing you to go through. It tells you to go in this pattern: Lower-Right, Upper-Right, Upper-Left, Lower-Left. You might be asking yourself, “Why change routes?” right now, but take a second to look at the diagram. That last journey from Lower-Left to Lower-Right has been eliminated. In eliminating it, we have just gotten rid of the most troublesome journey of the first route.

    The journey from your starting point to Lower-Right is easy. The only thing to watch out for is a Jagged Rock, and it’s hardly noticeable.

    The next part is just as easy. Go almost straight up, and you’ll get to the next Skull Rock. Next is the fairly easy journey that you had to do in the previous route. Just remember to stay far enough away from the large island to have enough room to escape if the Kraken was to try and pop up in front of you.

    Now is the most challenging part of this route, (the second hardest of the last route) the journey from Up-Left, to Low-Left. Just try to avoid islands as usual, and you should be fine.


    1. When Kraken appears, fire all your ammo at him and then wait for your ammo to refill. He won’t be sunk yet, but that way, when you’re nearing a Skull Rock, you can just fire two more shots at him, and he’ll go back underwater.

    2. Try to always be at max speed, you can easily outrun the Kraken this way.

    Edit: Okay... I've been wrong before and I can be wrong again. I don't recommend the strategy I just told you anymore.
    2. I think the best way to stay alive is to let the Kraken follow behind you and not let him go out of the screen. That way, he can't go underwater and pop up in front of you anymore.

    Just make him stay a safe distance away, but not too far away. You might have to adjust your speed as you go. Also remember this; when you're nearing a Skull Rock, just follow strategy #1.
    Picture of letting the Kraken tag behind you:

    3. If the Kraken appears in front of you, don’t panic. Just remain calm and turn quickly, in the direction with the clearest path, all the while firing as much as you can at the beast.

    4. At the beginning of the game is the time when you have the most freedom to turn. For some reason, you can turn a lot faster while perfectly still. So utilize this time to get the proper heading.

    5. The fog in this level creates quite a bit of lag every now and then, and blocks your sight of the Kraken, if it’s foggy enough. Try to remain as far away from islands as possible while you’re in fog.

    6. Every once in a while, during the game, you will see a glitch. This glitch allows the enemy Ship/Skull Rock to fire rapidly at you without any ammo or charging restrictions. The only ways I have found to remove this bug is to either, 1. Beat the level, or 2. Close the window, and start from the beginning of that level.

    7.If you're low on health, don't worry. Every time you collect one that level's four respective items, you get one bar of health back. This includes bumping into the Skull Rocks on the third level.

    I hope this article has helped you, even if it was just a little bit. Thanks for reading.
    - Red
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    Bear with me, I'm learning as I go.

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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure Game Guide

    Rotfl thanks for the guide even though u will never use it seeing as i dont like the game lOL. and um Nice pictures

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      Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure Game Guide

      I can tell you spent a lot of time on this guide. It's great! I've never seen a very good guide for this game and you went above and beyond. If I have some extra time on my hands, and want to play this game, now maybe I'll actually get past that third level! Thanks a bunch!


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        Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure Game Guide

        Thanks Ineedafriend, those are the kind of comments I like to hear! And, thanks to you too Blackbelt, I think. )

        By the way, if I think of anymore information or strategies to add, I'll probably be updating the guide. Just so you all know.
        Bear with me, I'm learning as I go.


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          Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure Game Guide

          Originally posted by RedWarp View Post
          Thanks Ineedafriend, those are the kind of comments I like to hear! And, thanks to you too Blackbelt, I think. )

          By the way, if I think of anymore information or strategies to add, I'll probably be updating the guide. Just so you all know.
          NO PROBLEM RED! ) and, i may actually try the game bc of this guide!

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            Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure Game Guide

            Wow thanks, i am winning more parts then ever.
            VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am


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