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do you remember when?


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  • do you remember when?

    Do you remember when?

    VMK wasnt just a game ; it was our lives
    when taken wasn't such a big deal ; baby wasnt ethier
    when we'd all come on Main Street and think "where the hell is the parade?"
    you could walk up to some random person and they'd be your bestie fer life?
    when the circle of friends was alive:
    100+ more?

    when there was so such thing as a quest
    you'd yell "come on out gus!"
    crusing in the drive in
    yavn would actually WRITE in his column
    stupid haley and jake weren't there

    do you miss the olden days? I sure do because if this all were actively happening right now, i'd still have the best time. but all my freaking friends quit and its no more fun. i wish i could go back in time and save them. i know it sounds dramatic but they were my BESTIES.

    what do you miss?
    and so, the princess must leave her kingdom on May 21st, 2008. </3

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    Re: do you remember when?

    I do have to admit, id like alot of things that happened back in the oldie days. You know? Back when the vmk homepage was the same. ( I cant even remember what it looked like! What did it look like? )

    Also.. I remember when a well was like my prized possession! It was like when 20 crates was big for me. When Id just walk up to a character, and say, "Hey! Want to be my pal?".

    I mean.. Ppl still do that, but you know.. I guess ive hardened up a little, because I dont say yes to them. I kind of remember when it took me a day for an autopia quest. I remember when I was SO SO SO bad at pirates :captain:. You know.. I kind of miss when I thought that pirates and fireworks were the only games till my 2nd month.

    It was funner being a guest then a person rich with items for me. Guests just discover so MUCH MORE! I super-duper miss when I was a Guest and had my own cafe. I kind of miss being a really quiet character. ( when I didnt say anything in the potc battles, didnt trade, didnt be random, etc. )

    So many stuff to miss :roll: And.. they trot away.. :crybye: But, there are still some fun stuff in VMK! Maybe not like last year, but it's still fun!

    Thanks to Mihawk, Piinoy, cyre, Midien, dance, uhm.. and alot of people!


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      Re: Do You Remember When?

      I just miss the times where everyone was nice (or at least nicer) to other people. The times where you could go strike up a conversation with someone without them judging you. Or the times where you could go into a trade or quest room without the owner thinking themselves god, because they had a line waiting to get into their rooms.

      Also the honesty of people has changed. When I joined the summer before last, hardly anyone would try and cheat you out of an item. Now, everytime I trade someone, they put up crap items for my good items and expect to get it. It isn't like they don't have any good items, they just don't think they should give them to likes of *gasp* me.

      Or maybe when a person only wishes to be your friend because you have a cool hat or a rare pin. When you have to lie all the time about your guest list being full, because if you said it wasn't, everyone in the room would try and be your friend when you haven't said one word to them.

      I know VMK is meant for children, but I absolutely hate it when people continualy use bad grammer. It makes me think that the majority of Vmk is preschoolers. Or when they are extremely rude in trades? Frankly, I don't even bother to hear their offers, I just exit trade.

      I'm not saying Vmk was perfect a year ago, I'm just saying it was better. I used to get on all day every day. Now, I barely go on once a week. Why should I give up my time just to get pissed off by a bunch of 6 year olds who have no manners? Even some of my friends have changed. Even some of them have decided to value virtual items over true friendship. Vmk used to be my life. Now, it's just a last resort.

      And while we're on the subject, I absolutely hate the new fireworks game. I wish they would bring back the old one. It was so much better.


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        Re: do you remember when?

        i know im constently feeling like nobody CARES anymore. VMK was my LIFE until all these stupid little six year olds involved in sexual activity, boyfriends, babys, ect. the list is ENDLESS. What is this place? Wee-ones gone bad? Part of me feels like we are at war here.

        All of the friends have changed too. We're are they? Why'd they choose stupid items instead of me?

        i also miss the old fireworks, the old pirates [altough i still like capture], and ESPESSSSIALY the old homepage.

        i miss having VMK as my life. why cant it just be the old VMK, the VMK i saw when i joined? Your right Jaybeth, all it is a freaking last resort.
        and so, the princess must leave her kingdom on May 21st, 2008. </3


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          Re: do you remember when?

          Ppl used to be nice...not a lot of scammers. There were ppl you could just talk to and, like you said, not judge you. The kids that play now with these ridiculous baby, taken, animals, doctor office, armies, etc. The list just goes on. I guess bc they can't do it in real they got to think they can do it virtually?? I just don't get it. Taken is just darn right scary on never know if you're "taken" by some 40 yr. old predator....eww!!
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            Re: do you remember when?

            I miss the old Castle Fireworks Game... *sobs*


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              Re: do you remember when?

              The original Pirates Game.
              The original Fireworks Game.
              Hidden Mickey hunts when no one really know what to do in VMK....

              But that's back in the day.

              I do miss the Host quests and not just the weekly ones for the prizes, but the big ones for the big prizes such as items or guest rooms.


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                Re: do you remember when?

                I miss everything. Old fireworks old pirates. the host quests, old friends who quit. When everyone was nice and did judge as much. The old trade screen. the old games when ppl actually game prizes and you could pay to stay in. When it was fun to be a guest and explorer, when the ppl with alot of beta didnt just blow u off if u didnt have as much as them. The old VMK Home page. When yavn posted every week. When you could trust others. And much much more. I wish the old days would come back.

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                  Re: do you remember when?

                  i know, we all miss it SO much.
                  i hate yavn for doing this to me. i cant keep up with these updates. they just go too fast. that's one of the reasons all of my friends just you know...walked away without saying anything.
                  and so, the princess must leave her kingdom on May 21st, 2008. </3


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                    Re: do you remember when?

                    I remember when I first joined, I was clueless. xD But the good ole days where the best, the old fireworks, old homepage and old pirates game I miss them so much.


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                      Re: do you remember when?

                      I miss the old times before high school where I could trust my best friends and we could go on each others accounts without blaming each other for stealing stuff, and when people didn't judge you based on their friends opinions and wouldn't talk trash behind your back because we were all happy with ourselfs and didn't care what others thought and it didn't matter who you liked...

                      wait are we talking about vmk? Oh.

                      Yeah, I miss the old home page without stupid jake and haley. They can go rot in html h**l.

                      I miss the old times when 2000 players on vmk a day was ALOT.

                      I miss the old times when I could load and play fireworks and get first place because the old version was better. I loved fireworks before they changed it, but now I can't even play the new fireworks because it sends me back to the lobby.

                      ^Thankye Con!! ^


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                        Re: do you remember when?

                        I wasn't on VMK from the beginning, but I have been on long enough to be able to agree with all of that, except the first line.
                        VMK IS my life, hehe.

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