I am looking for some buyables to finish off my halloween room.
I am looking for bulk of them therefore probably from people that have some buyables sitting in your inventory collecting dust lol.
I am looking at paying 50% or ofcourse less of what they are going for.

Here are some of them and there going price next to them.

Coffin teleporters(matched or un)-500c
Coffin couch-50c
Tombstone wall divider-200c
Glow in the dark headstone-300c
Madame Leota ball-2,000c
Evil quuen's candle holder-150c
Black boxes(I know there new but I will try hehe) 150c

If I think of more I will edit

If you do have one or some just post how many and your price and if you would like a shopping spree or credits

Thank you so very much in advance