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  • CyberneticMonkey
    Re: Attention Quest Kiosk Owners

    Hmm, no problems for me yet! But I'm sure there are many out there.

    The popular kiosk trick called the "walk on water" bug was alive again last Saturday for anyone who was online and tried - but it was only alive for about an hour it seems.. Bugs come and go depending on what VMK is doing to the site I believe.

    :monkey: CyberneticMonkey :monkey:

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  • ZeekSlider
    started a topic Attention Quest Kiosk Owners

    Attention Quest Kiosk Owners

    What kind of bugs have you found with the Kiosk since the new interface got released?

    The bugs I've come across are these:
    • Inventory numbers in the prize window are not matching, nor are they changing with each page turn. The same applies to stars on Magic Pins in that tab.
    • Unable to select items in the last 5/8 of my inventory in Aquire Item tasks (the task that makes your player buy or trade for a specific item)
    • Find Multiple Items not registering how many items you need to collect properly.
    How about everyone else? Any other problems? Because this is setting back my quest construction by a long time.

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