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Trading Eye pin.


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  • Trading Eye pin.

    Trade completed thanks for offers!
    Last edited by cyre; 10-21-2007, 09:10 PM.

  • #2
    Re: Trading Eye pin.

    i dont really know what this is worth so ill just try to offer lOL. If you could tell what i need to add to it that would be awesome!
    1x Home Theater TV
    1x Churro Pin

    Advatar made by SlitSilver!!!


    • #3
      Re: Trading Eye pin.

      Hey pink

      it's a very rare pin, think in the area of stitch hat plus more.


      • #4
        Re: Trading Eye pin.

        x1 Master Gracie Pin
        x1 Gravedigger Pin
        x1 Madame Leota Pin
        x1 Hitchhiking Ezra Pin


        • #5
          Re: Trading Eye pin.

          Current leader:

          minnie hat
          3x gold snowmen
          stitch box
          mansion clock
          6x fire walls

          Thanks for all offers. Will decide tonight or tomorrow.


          • #6
            Re: Trading Eye pin.

            drat lOL thanks for the help tho cyre.

            Advatar made by SlitSilver!!!


            • #7
              Re: Trading Eye pin.

              Here's my offer:

              BETA Yellow Mansion Candlestick
              2x Stitch Pins
              White Snowman
              Fire Wall
              2x Galleon Bow
              2x Galleon Stern
              Captains Couch
              Treasure Chair
              Barstool w/ post


              • #8
                Re: Trading Eye pin.

                Cyre! :love:

                Monster's Opening Pin
                Adventureland Quest Pin
                Star of Mickey Pin
                5* Fireworks Magic
                2X Gold Snowman
                White Snowman
                Red Teepee
                2X Blue Toy Soldier
                Pink Slipper

                Tell me if you'd like me to add/remove/exchange anything. :csmile:


                • #9
                  Re: Trading Eye pin.

                  Hey guys, this is leader atm

                  2 x Mansion Clock
                  2 x Pink Tiki
                  2 x Fire Wall
                  1 x White Snowman
                  1 x Gold Snowman
                  1 x DLR Pumpkin
                  1 x Treasure Chair

                  1 x Red Baseball Hat
                  1 x Green Explorer Shirt (no camera)
                  1 x Red HKDL Shirt
                  1 x Bird Hat
                  1 x Dream Ears


                  • #10
                    Re: Trading Eye pin.

                    Aww, I don't think I can beat that. D:

                    Thanks anyways!


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