xHBxs Guide to Surviving VMK

The Beginning

The Importance of Credits

Obtaining Credits
Ways vary of how to obtain credits. The obvious way is the mini-games. Practice makes perfect. If you are not good at first try anyways you still get some credits. If you are playing POTC though, make sure you at least recover the 21 credits you paid to play. Jungle Cruise is an okay game. You only get 20 credits no matter what your score is unless you get on the High Score Table. NPCs are always great. 20 credits every 12 hours every NPC. Surf the web to find the codes that give you credits [they only work once per player]. Good luck playing.

Expanding Your Collection of Rare

What to trade your Rare for
Quest items.
Always try to trade up. If you can, trade for limited quest or retired quest, if not accept quest.

Now What?

Good Luck and Have Fun J