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10/24 Halloween pin Quest


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  • 10/24 Halloween pin Quest

    Alright team...

    10/24/07 - Q Button Halloween Quest

    Does anyone want to review this and post 'hints' instead of flat out 'spoilers?'

    I haven't done the quest myself yet and probably won't be able to complete it since I'll be packing, have class tonight and then I'm leaving tomorrow. I don't even know if spoilers are needed, but I trust your decision as a team on this quest.


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    Re: 10/24 Halloween pin Quest

    1. Change clothes
    2. Witch and vampire
    3. DCA
    4. Headless Horseman
    5. Happy Hallowishes
    6. Get 10k in Jungle Cruise
    7. Mickey Pumpkin
    8. Disneyland Paris
    9. Collect 25 ghosts in Mansion
    10. Socialize
    11. Cherny
    12. Maleficent
    13. Hades
    14. Bing
    15. Katrina Van Tassel
    16. pumpkin
    17. Binks
    18. black
    19. bus
    20. it's instant
    21. Kalabar
    22. A spellbook
    23. A grey spell
    24. 4
    25. Edgar
    26. Cromwell Family
    27. Get 125 in Pirates ship battle
    28. Haunted Mansion
    29. Teddy
    30. off their feet
    31. Tower
    32. 1939
    33. The Tip-Top Club
    34. Danny Anna (1st answer)
    35. They are aliens
    36. emote pirate
    37. trick or treat!
    I was deleted.
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      Re: 10/24 Halloween pin Quest

      I sort of decided for myself not to post anymore spoilers for quests, I think that is why the quality of the prizes has gone down.

      take that jediMihawk


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        Re: 10/24 Halloween pin Quest

        That's what I have been thinking as well. It's not just us as I think we've been quite pro-active regarding the spoiler situation more than other vmk fan sites.


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