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  • 'The Simpsons' game

    The Simpsons Game

    (Reviewed on Xbox 360. Rated T. $50-$60)

    'The Simpsons Game' mimics and skewers dozens of videogames
    from the past quarter-century to clever and humorous effect.

    By Ben Fritz
    October 31, 2007

    Steven Spielberg famously asked whether a videogame would ever make players cry, but he didn't specify whether laughing until you cry counts. If it does, "The Simpsons Game" may just qualify. EA's interactive adaptation of the cartoon family is a hilarious parody of nearly every convention and cliche in the videogame world. While the action is nothing special, gamers should flock to this rare example of comedy done right on the console.
    To put it in "Simpsons" vernacular: Funniest. Videogame. Ever.
    Full review at:
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    Re: 'The Simpsons' game

    Sweet. I've been looking forward to this.

    It's on the PS2 and Wii as well right?


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      Re: 'The Simpsons' game

      I really enjoyed the demo on XBL of this game. Looking forward to getting it down the road.


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        Re: 'The Simpsons' game

        I just like how it parodies other games out there. I'll probably pick up my pre-order later tonight.

        GameSpot gave it a 7.0 though... they even gave it the "shallow" and "short" tags.

        Sad panda.
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          Re: 'The Simpsons' game

          Originally posted by Baghira View Post
          I really enjoyed the demo on XBL of this game. Looking forward to getting it down the road.
          I played the demo also and while I was impressed with the graphics (they REALLY got the Simpsons "look" down perfectly) and the funny one-liners...

          The gameplay SUCKED. It sucked hard. The enemies were mindlessly annoying, the characters obnoxious to control, ridiculously complicated and non-intuitive control scheme.... I tried it about 5 times and just couldn't get into the gameplay.

          Sorry but if the funniest game in the world isn't actually fun to play, I ain't playing it.
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