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My wish list and is sorcerer rare?


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  • My wish list and is sorcerer rare?

    Hi is sorcerer rare and iwould like to know wat its worth
    Yo im Phelank my vmk name is Outgoingrichman so if you see me add me and if you have sparrow trade im trading anything but before u add me tell me and then i will accept and one more thing My room is Rarest Trade room on earth

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    Re: My wish list and is sorcerer rare?

    First off, welcome to Mice Chat!

    Second, Sorcerer isn't a big in demand hat, it's hard to say what anything is worth in VMK, because trades are what the people trading are willing to give and take for the item.

    You wouldn't be able to get a bird hat for it alone, but it would be a good start towards one.

    Make sure you've read the Mice Chat FAQ's and Rules.

    Good luck getting your hat!


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      Re: My wish list and is sorcerer rare?

      Hi Welcome to mice chat!

      Like cyre said, make sure you take a look at the Rules & FAQ page!

      Also, explorer around, This would actually belong here:
      Did I make a good trade thread?

      Even if you didn't trade, you may ask what items are worth.

      Have a nice, great time on mice chat!
      Hope your time here is splendid!


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