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  • Inferno Offer!

    The following is my inferno offer. Inferno has lost a lot of value since it has come out on Disney Movie Rewards, so i will try and give it my best shot.

    1x Extremely Rare Red Beta Crate!!!
    11x Skeleton Monkeys
    12x Davey Jones Organs
    18x Dead Mans Chests
    26x Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 Posters

    1x Fab 5 Fall Leaves Donald
    1x Fab 5 Fall Leaves Mickey
    1x Fab 5 Fall Leaves Minnie
    1x Halloween 06
    2x Halloween Seance Cirlce Card
    2x Halloween Seance Cirlce Harp
    2x Halloween Seance Cirlce Table
    2x Halloween Seance Cirlce Trumpet
    1x Pirate Level 3 Gold Sovereign
    1x Space Mountain
    1x Space Mountain Sign
    1x 2nd Birthday

    1x Full Cowboy Suit
    1x Full Yellow Explorer Suit
    1x Full Green Hero Suit(Boys Only)
    1x Mission Space Green Top
    1x Full Native American Suit

    NOTE: only post if you are interested in my offer thx!
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    Re: Inferno Offer!

    bumpity bump bump, bump bump!!!
    plz note i have added an extremely rare red beta crate!!!


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      Re: Inferno Offer!


      I have one inferno but the only problem with your offer is most of it is not rare. i realize that the red crate is very rare but people with inferno are looking for just alot of "rare". I am also like this because when i trade my inferno i am hoping for the items to help my stitch offer. if you have like pirate q or something that would be a better offer.

      P.S. You better get inferno soon because it's coming out of disney movie rewards and it will get very rare very fast.
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