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Sega should make a deal with Disney.


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  • Sega should make a deal with Disney.

    I had been thinking on Sega having and exclusive deal with Disney.

    This exclusive deal will have Sega to gain all the video game rights to every Disney IPs, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, 20th Century, ABC, National Geographic, ESPN and Muppets: except for Kingdom Hearts (rights owned by Square Enix) and Spider-Man (rights owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment).

    This will create a joint-venture game licensor, Disney Games (working title), where Sega and The Walt Disney Company own 50-50. Disney Games will have labels based on different brands such as LucasArts (a tribute to Lucasfilm's game division), Marvel Games, 20th Century Games, ABC Game Studios, National Geographic Interactive and ESPN Games. Sega-owned studios like Relic Entertainment, Creative Assembly, Amplitude Studios, Sports Interactive, Hardlight and Two-Point Studios and some outside studios would develop some games.

    In addition to it, I had been thinking of my idea for a Sonic and Spider-Gwen crossover comic as a pitch to IDW. I am learning to improve my drawing skills to draw some comics and some materials, since i drawn Disney characters at Disney California Adventure.

    This is part of my idea on how to fix and expand Sega, in addition of buying some game studios and IPs and making Genesis-style 16-bits games.

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