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How many people here play Video games?


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  • How many people here play Video games?

    and have any idea what it is I'm talking about when I talk about Larxene? XD

    But seriously, it seems kinda mixed on the forums, (and I'm not surpised, we're all Disney fans after all) and I was wondering about peoples liking about video games and if their kids (if any) played them.

    Just my random question for today, and just wonderin'

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    Re: How many people here play Video games?

    We have a sub-forum for Computer and Video Games:'s been a long time.


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      Re: How many people here play Video games?

      Whoops! >_< can an administrator move this to there then? I thought that page was only for problems with the site


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        Re: How many people here play Video games?

        Yes- I do, though I do not know this Larxene.

        I play Final Fantasy (working on getting the perfect ending to X-2, obsessive, but oh well) Resident Evil- almost all of them anyway, some are dren. 4 is amazing though. The Zelda games - I have all but the one side scroller they came out with eons ago. The Mario games of course. Pikmin freak here. Oddworld, Skull Monkeys....

        Good heavens the list goes on and on- mostly Nintendo. On my shelf (because they get the most play) my PS2 (I want the PS3 bad) and my Gamecube (oh, and I also play Kingdom Hearts). In my cabinet is my original Nintendo, my Super Nintendo and my Nintendo 64. I also have the original Sega (for Toejam and Earl) and a regular Playstation.

        In my closet in it's bag is my Gameboy Advance SP....

        yeah- I play. So do my kids. My oldest loves his Bond games, the youngest son loves him Spiderman game, and the middle one digs on his Godzilla game....and they play all the rest with me too.

        My daughter- the one in my avatar- she is into games like Mario Party and Mario Kart. It's a blast to play with them all. I even got good at SSX Tricky- I was so mad at it, I sucked so bad- so I just kept at it til I got good..yeah

        Soul Caliber II...hummmm...Animal Crossing...and so on and so on. OH, Metroid Prime (1 and 2) Metroid Fusion....Earthworm Jim....LOL

        I have some racing games- not big into first person shooters (Metroid Prime being the only one I actually love).....


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          I do, just not as much as I did five or so years ago, everything nowadays are just sequels and such. The Tomb Raider franchise was one of my favorites, as was Resident Evil. Now it's Final Fantasy and the Silent Hill franchise, Kingdom Hearts is awesome though. There's way more games I was into, but i'm too tired to reminisce on my nerdier days...


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            Re: How many people here play Video games?

            I don't play them much at all, unless Computer Game RCT2 counts.


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