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Need A Bit Of Help With Trade...


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  • Need A Bit Of Help With Trade...

    Ok, so I have 2 offers for Inferno...
    Both my friend likes, but 1 she thinks is better and really wants it.
    Can someone tell me if I should do that trade or wait to see if someone will take my other offer.?

    Offer she said was lower than others::
    x1 Green Explorer Top (No Camera)
    x1 Black Ears
    x1 Dream Captain Hook Chair
    x1 5* Pirate Magic
    x1 1* Bat Magic

    Offer She Wants To Take::
    x1 Princess Minnie Hat
    x1 2* Snowman Magic

    Thank you for the help.!!

    |siggie:me|not very active on this site:sorry|
    ~ KelseaNicole ~

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    Re: Need A Bit Of Help With Trade...

    Ok - do you mean REAL inferno? or the single use one from Disney Movie Rewards?

    - And if it's the single use, do the people know that's what they're trading for?

    * All that said - if you're definitely going to take the trade, minnie hat is much more in demand


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