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Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

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  • Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

    argh, im addicted to WoW.

    I've fought it for 3 years and now i cant get enough of it.

    my poor Star Wars Galaxies friends hate me right now
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    Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

    I feel for you....

    My daughter and her fiance get up at 6 AM EVERY Saturday just to do raids with their guild....

    Yet... I can't get her out of bed to go to Disneyland early. :lol:

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      Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

      I feel your pain. What server are you on btw? I'm on StormScale with some members of my family and 8 of my friends.
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        Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

        I was on EverQuest for 5 1/2 years until I took a step back and realized that no matter how I justified my game time, my actual life was suffering. I realized I was paying $14 a month so that I could be stressed out in real life over a video game (mostly due to things like being there for raids, putting dates/friends/life on hold so that I could raid, coming home from work early to raid, making sure I had raid attendance, etc. etc.)

        I finally threw my hands up, stopped playing for a month and peeked my head in once or twice since then, but finally gave up. I still check boards and whatnot every so often (like, once a month maybe) to see whats going on in the game (i.e. just to read what the new expansions are about, or what they updated), but I haven't had the time or desire to actually log back in.

        And I didn't get WoW for that very reason. No need to replace one addiction with another.
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          Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

          Dustin and i find WoW to be a great way to waste time together We generally play every day except i cant' really play on the days i work becuase i work 12hour graveyard shifts and by the time i get home from work i'm exhausted and just wanna go to bed.

          Yeah some people take it to the extreme.....hardcore raiders i just don't get, which is why we started our own casual/social guild..i didn't want to have to feel obligated to consistantly give up a portion of my life to the game.
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            Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

            This is why I don't play WoW. I see too many people getting addicted and I know, as soon as I sign up, well, I'd be part.

            Besides, we're already addicted to City of Heroes.

            Go figure.

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              Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

              yup...totally addicted. But like someone else said, there are some people on there who take the game WAY to seriously. It's entertainment, fun. Something to do in your spare time.

              I do enjoy it though and won't stop anytime soon.

              Ta Da!


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                Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

                I got off for a while, but the new Shatner commercials drew me back in.
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                  Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

                  I started out on EverQuest for two years and then moved to WoW. I admit that I was hooked, ok even addicted. But that addiction waned as I realized that I am not that hardcore of a player. I, too, went through all the stages of solo'ing, being in guilds where raiding was everything, and seeing guilds disentigrate due to poor leadership and lack of direction.
                  I've dabbled in several other MMORPGs like Guild Wars, City of Heroes, and Star Wars Galaxies, but I keep coming back to WoW. I play my game the way I want to play it. I don't let other, including guildmates, dictate how I should play. That is what's good about finding guild that will let you do this. For so long I was a lone wolf in WoW. I did not want to join a guild and deal with all the pressure to raid and quest and raid and Pvp. I'm lucky enough to have found a guild that is not about all of that and lets me enjoy my play time (as low as it is now-a-days) without pressure. And the leaders are cool as well ( elly!)
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                    Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

                    Well i was pretty hardcore the first 3 years of wow but I decided it was time for a break so my account will be inactive for a while, till the next expansion at least which im guessing will be some time next year
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                      Re: Blood Elves, Undead and Gnomes, oh my!

                      I wish I could play WOW again I just do not have the time. I hear my coworker talk about it, and it makes me want to play..

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