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Trading rare and retired for current buyables!


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  • Trading rare and retired for current buyables!

    plain and simple. i need some buyables, and i am trading some of my "spare rare" for it. I will accept items or sprees )


    3x snowman hats

    4x 1* ulimited use snowman magic

    20x chocolate carpets
    30x stack of presents
    10x green gumdrop chairs
    15x candy cane fences
    3x green solider
    6x Hanakkah presents
    2x blue candy canes
    4x yellow dreidel chairs
    6x flat candy cane swirels green
    3x standing candy cane swirels green
    7x lighted candy cane poles
    3x pink wreaths

    10x gingerbread house wall with lights
    8x gingerbread corner
    9x gingerbread game board
    3x gingerbread wall with window.


    1x forth of july hat
    1x full blue baseball (hat, shirt, pants, shoes)
    1x flip hat
    1x dream ears
    2x yellow explorer shorts
    1x mr. smee outfit (hat, shirt)
    8x pirate hat plain
    1x green santa hat
    1x full vampire outift (shirt, shoes, pants)

    3x buzz cup pin
    2x alice in wonderland quest pin
    3x casey jr train pin (sword in the stone)
    1x club 33 pin (host)
    1x dumbo quest pin
    5x Expedition everest pins (from yetivison)
    1x ice cream pin
    1x jacks compass pin (host)
    1x matterhorn pin (host)
    1x matterhorn Sword in the stone pin
    1x new years 06 pin (the donald one, not the calander)
    1x pirate q insider tour pin
    1x Tomorrowland retro 2/5 pin people mover
    1x tomrrowland retro 5/5 Submarines
    1x HKDL Disneyland hotel (looks like white castle pin, been in host trades lately)
    1x Thrill seekers pin
    1x WDW grand floridian hotel pin

    Pin Sets
    1x fab 5 fall pin set (mickey, minnie, donald, goofy, pluto)
    1x Finding nemo Submarine voyage pin set (1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5)
    1x recent tiki pin set (hina, koro, ngendi, and pele)
    1x VMK quest favorites pin set (VMK Adventureland quest pin, VMK fantasyland quest pin, VMK frontierland quest pin

    2x ace of spades carpet (retired DLR quest)
    2x animation viewers (retired DLR quest)
    2x barrel seat color green
    1x pirate q couch
    1x pirate q stool set
    2x explorer suit cases (retired DLR quest)
    1x football first down marker (host prize at one time)
    3x HSM pianos (retired DLR quest)
    2x Hippo rugs (retired DLR quest)
    1x ice cube chair
    2x cyan heart chair
    2x pink heart chair
    2x red heart chair
    15x regualr pirate maze walls
    25x pirate maze turrets
    1x nemo sub middle
    5x green pirate thrones
    5x black pirate thrones
    5x purple pirate thrones
    5x blue pirate thrones
    2x magenta rockets (retired DLR quest)
    3x pairs of stitch teleporters
    1x animator desk
    1x animator stool

    1x pirate prision room code

    This is all right about now... as more stuff comes out i will update the list.

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