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Yeti's Tips & Tricks


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  • Yeti's Tips & Tricks

    The fur-covered guru of VMK gaming is back! With hot game tips on the latest and greatest in Virtual Magic Kingdom! This week the Yeti explains how you can become a Santa and give the gift of Mickey for the Jolly Holiday!
    Hey there, in case you haven't noticed it's finally getting to feel like winter! Sure, it's freezing cold outside but that just makes you want to stay inside and play VMK! What more could an abominable snowman ask want?
    Anyway, with our Jolly Holiday in full swing, there's a lot going on in VMK, so let's get to your questions about that new Red Surprise Gift!

    Mr. Yeti, the new Red Surprise Gift is awesome. So where can I get it?
    The new Red Surprise Gift is available in Emporium Specials for a limited time.

    The Red Surprise Gift features a personal message and Mickey Mouse! Buy it in Emporium Specials or find someone that has the gift and trade them for it.
    Mr. Yeti, how do I create a message for my gift?
    First, double-click the gift. You'll see a window pop up on screen that will allow you to pick from 1 to 4 different background layouts. Now pick your background. After you've done that, enter a message title. Now, enter the message.
    Messages use words from the VMK Dictionary, so if you can't use the word in game, you won't be able to use it in your message. Blank messages cannot be saved and after the message has been saved it cannot be changed.
    Okay I've created my message for my gift. How do I give the gift to someone?
    Now that you have created your message and prepared the gift, you can either trade the gift to someone or you can award it in a Quest that you have made.

    Just like real gift giving, you can just give the gift without expecting something in return.
    Mr. Yeti, someone gave me a gift. How do I open it?
    To open a gift, simply place the Surprise Gift in a room and double-click it. Out will pop one of your favorite characters with a custom message. After about a minute the character will return to the gift box. And don't worry, you get to keep it, after the item has been opened it will not disappear from your room or inventory.
    Remember it's the giving that's important, so be sure to stop by the Matterhorn and give me candy, churros and other goodies. The cold makes me very hungry. Now let's get back to game!
    VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am

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    Re: Yeti's Tips &amp; Tricks

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    VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am


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      Re: Yeti's Tips &amp; Tricks

      i like the gifts i already have one!! woot, i gave one to wish and now im waiting for sleepy


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        Re: Yeti's Tips &amp; Tricks

        Hah, Thanks Again Sora!

        We're Kicking It All Over Town
        This Party's Getting Out Of Bounds
        Every Day's A Second Chance, So Get On Your Feet And Dance!
        Yup, I'm A Nickelodeon Celebration Fan! Thanks To My Friend Stitchon..
        Catch The Fever!
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        My Signature Is SO Much Better Than Your Signature Alec! =p


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