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What Are You Playing Right Now?


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  • What Are You Playing Right Now?


    What, with the delay of Brawl and all, what are you playing currently? And, this is also multi purpose! It is like "What are you reading now". But cooler.

    I am playing Mario Party 8 (it sucks in non gamers FAST) and also Strikers Charged. Phantom Hourglass' evil final boss, with confusing controls, is killing me, and it doesn't help that I suck at the multi-player.

    Super Mario Galaxy I still play, but secret stars are a pain. I want
    dangit. Just give it to me.

    Pokemans is surprisingly not as addictive as it usually is. Maybe it is because I already played it?

    New Super Mario Bros, is so evil.

    And finally, and most evilly, sits the demonic Geometry Wars.

    It scoffs at my puny 120,000,000,000,000. I work day and night... but my scores, never good enough. I always die so soon... so soon...

    What about you guys?
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    Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

    we got super paper mario for christmas....i'm working on that now!

    it's sooo addictive!!!

    my husband were sick last week, and we home from work for like 5 days, and i played maybe 4-7 hours each day!

    i'm almost done!!! i :love: mario
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      Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

      maybe I'm a gamer afterall because I couldn't stand Mario Party 8.

      I've been playing alot of Paper Mario on the VC. I've also been playing Twilight Princess and Zack and Wiki.

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        Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

        i got an Uno/Skip Bo combo game for the DS..and i have to say i really really dig the Skip Bo...i'd never played it before and i played it during AI tonight..for the whole 2 hours, lol.

        of course, my main gaming is still WoW...

        Dustin's been playing Hellgate:London and Crysis and Call of Duty 4 on the PC
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          Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

          I'm a PC gamer so I've been splitting my time between Call of Duty 4 and Crysis. Still trying to muster up enough enthusiasm to get throught the "alien" part and finish Crysis. I'm also s-l-o-w-l-y going back through Bioshock in the hopes of seeing the "good" ending.
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            Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

            I have a few games in various stages of completion. Sharing a game system with a 9 (almost 10) year old sometimes means Dad doesn't get to play much.

            Twilight Princess - STILL haven't finished this. Haven't played it in a few months. Need to eventually finish it. And it's not that I got bored with it, just got busy.

            Zack and Wiki - REALLY fun game. I'm enjoying it.

            Guitar Hero - 1 and 3 - Just got these for Christmas. Almost done with medium on both. Almost done with Hard on Guitar Hero 2.

            Ones I still haven't played that we got for Xmas:

            Super Mario Galaxy - Waiting until I at least finish Zelda or Zack and Wiki to start something else.

            Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - I've played briefly, but haven't played the individual mode.

            Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga - Again, played briefly with the boy. But not my own game yet.


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              Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

              Guitar Hero III
              Metroid Prime 3 (Beat it, but trying to get 100%)
              Ghost Squad (Having so much fun playing this game and I even got my wife into it and she's never played light gun games before)
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                Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

                I'm playing Picross on the Nintendo DS more than any other game right now. One of the most addictive games I've ever picked up. It's a puzzle game, sort of like Sudoku in terms of the logic and thinking involved.

                Playing Super Mario Galaxy which is great. Better than Mario Sunshine. The short levels are nice in that you can pick up and play in short bursts, but it does lack the joy of exploring the expansive levels of Super Mario 64. Change is good though, it feels fresh.

                Also playing Oblivion on the PS3. I don't think I'll ever finish it.

                Still haven't finished Zelda or Paper Mario on the Wii, and I've had those since they were released. I Really need to actually finish the games I buy.
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                  Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

                  Playing through Phantom hourglass again.

                  However, next week I'm focusing on Days of Ruin and Mario and Sonic (both for DS).


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                    Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

                    Guitar Hero 3 -PS2

                    Nights - Wii (I used to have the original on Sega Saturn along with the best version of Bomberman ever made. Actually I think I still have them.)


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                      Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

                      I am still working my way slowly through Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I have 424 Pokemon in Pearl.


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                        Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?


                        I forgot about vc:

                        Super Mario World

                        OoT: Any more to say?

                        Paper Mario: *drool*


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                          Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

                          World of Warcraft.

                          Finished Crysis and COD4 - COD4 was much better IMHO.


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                            Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

                            I'm currently off-and-on again playing Super Mario Galaxy but I have not yet reached triple digit starts - am somewhere in the 70s. After I beat Bowser the first time, I haven't really gone back to locate all of the 120 stars.

                            I had Harvey Birdman queued as my next rental from but for some reason they sent me a Gamecube title from the middle of my queue. So right now I just started playing From Russia with Love which is the first Bond title I have gotten my hands on since the N64 Golden Eye game.

                            I have to say it is a pleasure to play a game with Sean Connery voice acting in it. However, I really wanted to play the Birdman game - even though I had heard from some critics that it's mostly a point & click where you just watch the action unfold with very little participation. I still wanna play it b/c I'm such a fan of the tv show.

                            I've also been playing a ton of Bomberman '93 on the VC, trying to finally reach the end of that game. Also via the VC, I've been playing LOZ: A Link to the Past, which I had played before, and LOZ: Ocarina of Time, which I hadn't played before.

                            My partner & I got a Sega Dreamcast from a former house mate last month, but we haven't hooked it up. Does anyone know any good games for that system?

                            Can I just add, I'm a little concerned with the Bond game: why does this GC game feel, respond, and look much better than some Wii games? Saying that, I can't wait to see what Factor 5 has in store for the Wii.


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                              Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

                              Power Stone is a good game for dreamcast.

                              Same with the sequel.

                              Also, Jet Set Radio.


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