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Can't open custom scenarios

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  • Can't open custom scenarios

    Whenever I try to open one of the custom scenarios I've created in RCT2 this window comes up:

    Can anyone tell me why I can't use my scenarios? I also can't open some of the parks I download. Thanks.

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    Re: Can't open custom scenarios

    hmmm.. very interesting.. never seen that before...

    I'll look up some info and see what you can do.


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      Re: Can't open custom scenarios

      I have had that happen a lot. I bet some files were probably corrupted at some point before, during, or after the download process. This is one reason why you should save some back up copies of the scenario as well.

      When I use to play RCT2, this occured sometimes when I put a specific rollercoaster in my parks. Each time the coaster came into view, the computer would crash and give me the error message. Some how that file had become corrupted.