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space's vmk broadway-shows


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  • space's vmk broadway-shows

    Hey there, SPACED_OUT here and I am OVERJOYED to inform you of the latest and BEST EVER theatre district that will leave you without words! Welcome to VMK Broadway, bringing you the hit Broadway shows you love to the game that you love as well. We are always looking for new theaters, cafes, and hotels to be sponsored in our lobby, but I'll explain the COOL benefits in a minute. But for the amazing shows!
    AS of today, we have:

    High School Musical: 1 and 2: Owner spaced_out brings you the hit Disney movies that has been celebrated the world over. With an enjoyable cast, this is two HSM (in one show) you do not want to miss!

    100 years: Owner: spaced_out: when 2 kids gets a chance to live 100 years in a day, they make choices that will endanger the world. Reallising their actions can our heros save the world before it's too late?

    a couras note: tales of a vmk rock band: Owner: NO ONE An eager group of seven VMK rockers tell their stories as their wating for the chance of a life time be on vmk's next great band! They all tell their stories from their first note to their last song.

    Hairspray!: Owner: NO ONE: has you going back to 1962 with Tracy Turnblad, a big girl, with GIGANTIC hair, and really huge dreams! But can she get on the Corny Collins show, right some wrongs, and win Link, the guy of her dreams, all without denting her fab hair?

    Ticket Availability (Opening Night):
    HSM- Available
    Hairspray- Available
    100 years - Available
    a single note: tales of a vmk rock band - available

    Go to the VMK Broadway Box Office and get a season membership to see all shows!

    If you get sponsored you will get,
    Free transporter from lobby to your place
    2 tickets to every show
    Be mentioned in all of our performances!

    Well, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
    See you at the show!
    PSS: if you want to put a show or act in one go to thread: space's vmk broadway: APPLY WITHIN!

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    space's vmk broadway-apply within!

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      Re: space's vmk broadway-shows

      Ummmm.... you posted that twice lol
      When life throws you lemons, eat them I mean what else do you do with lemons? Well I guess you could make lemonade but what if you don't have the necessary materials. Yeah... you should just eat the lemons. Unless your anti-lemonistic then don't. Is that even a word. I think it is. Maybe it's not. Ok google give me your best shot. Ok that is not a word. Its okay. Now back to anti-lemonistic, nope thats not a word either. I am hungry. I want a lemon. By the way if you are still reading this, take a look at yourself and say "Is this message worth it" because I don't think it is. I mean your should just stop reading right now. Now. Now I say! Fine want to play like that then let's do this over again. When life throws you lemons, eat them I mean what else do you do with lemons? Well I guess you could make lemonade but what if you don't have the necessary materials. Yeah... you should just eat the lemons. Unless your anti-lemonistic............... ok your not worth it am stopping right now. Now.

      The End
      Yeah the end. You heard me.
      What your still reading! Get out of my head!!! Please. Ok you know I try to make this as clear as possible. I don't like to type this long. But you keep reading so I guess I have to. Yes 343 words have been typed in this signature take that humanity! Now it is 356. Or maybe it is only 2?? I don't know but oh well.


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