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Type with your body!


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  • Type with your body!

    I got this as an e-mail once. It's pretty fun to do, so try it out and post the results!
    Type your name with the following:

    Fingers: Becca
    Toes: bnercvca
    Nose: becdcqa
    Chin: beccvas
    Elbow: bnercvcvas
    Heel: bhg4efcfcwqwqa
    Forehead: hgbne34cfcqwa


  • #2
    Re: Type with your body!

    Oh I remember this! :lol: It gives some interesting results...

    Fingers: Blumacara
    Toes: Blumacara
    Nose: ghoolumqqqqqqqqqcarq (wow... :lmao
    Chin: b,.lumAZrdra
    Elbow: blumacara
    Heel: bllumqacaraq
    Forehead: bvg78m cwq45rza

    Wow. :lol:


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      Re: Type with your body!

      :lmao: Very nice nose!


      • #4
        Re: Type with your body!

        Fingers: Alec
        Toes: sadfk'llllllllllqwwwwwwwwrwexzcvvvc
        Nose: alec (w00t!)
        Chin: as;lqwxcv
        Elbow:aZ,,m dxsec v
        Heel: zASzasxjkuijhmqas fc
        Forehead: efwu['abrhy[waerf'weedfpfndsssafderpt

        wow, that was challenging LOL


        • #5
          Re: Type with your body!

          Fingers: Ashley
          Toes: Ashley
          Nose: Awyo36
          Chin: Ashley ... O_O amazing
          Elbow: AZxsxnhl.eyhj
          Heel: QQWHYOPE4435EY
          Forehead: QQWYTI342 7
          ♥ "Don't care about all the pain in front of me
          'Cause I'm just trying to be happy." ♥



          • #6
            Re: Type with your body!

            Fingers: Sarah
            Toes: sarah
            Nose: saqw4e qwhy
            Chin: swzazdczxv c
            Elbow: ew4eastg
            Heel: gt frgth jgzcdh gbbg
            Forehead: 32332 56
            "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


            • #7
              Re: Type with your body!

              Fingers: Albert
              Toes: zaslbnhret
              Nose: qot4rfd56
              Chin: z,b dferrftgy
              Elbow: za, bedfgtrtrfg
              Forehead: 3w gbyhn4t5rt56y

              Currently suffering from VMK deceasement disorder, aka. "I Miss VMK."


              • #8
                Re: Type with your body!

                Fingers: Josh
                Toes: jkhoipsah
                Nose: josh
                Chin: jhkoiopsagh
                Elbow: josh
                Heel: fhdkjoisaddf
                Forehead: rtyurhaskljkuioiu

                Umm.. Lol 3/7.. :shy:


                • #9
                  Re: Type with your body!

                  Fingers: aubrey
                  Toes: aubrey
                  Nose: aubrey
                  Chin: qaubreyu
                  Elbow: aubrey
                  Heel: AYU7YBVERYT
                  Forehead: qa8hr45e6

                  Tehe, I didn't cheat. I'm just good at typing with other parts.. Just do it slowly


                  • #10
                    Re: Type with your body!

                    Fingers: Kendall
                    Toes: kden dfalklo
                    Nose: kendall
                    Chin: ,kde bndckl
                    Elbow: kendall
                    Heel: kiendfaLL;
                    Forehead: io3ju0

                    Haha im amazing with my Fingers, nose & elbow...xD

                    In Marching Band, there's no such thing as "One More Time."


                    • #11
                      Re: Type with your body!

                      jenni :fingers
                      kmjenni : toes
                      jenni :nose
                      jenni :elbow( tis pointy =D )
                      hyjuenhjhn8i9 : heel
                      uj3ehnjhnj8i : forhead

                      ^Thankye Con!! ^


                      • #12
                        Re: Type with your body!

                        Fingers: jordiekins
                        Toes: jordieeeeeekkkjinns
                        Nose: jordie3kinsw
                        Chin: jiordiek,mikmn jsxz
                        Elbow: joptrdierrkliokbn dsxz
                        Heel: uhjknopkgyfdsuijlkikbngfdsz
                        Forehead: jkrfte9453098hjkmndsa


                        • #13
                          Re: Type with your body!

                          Fingers: Ducks
                          Toes: dukss
                          Nose: duckks
                          Chin: dsu ckjsa
                          Elbow: rfd7ufdkijsde
                          Heel: dfrui8fkesd
                          Forehead: re78frt356t

                          :lmao: Very Nice... Very Nice... :lmao:

                          Last edited by Ducks; 04-23-2008, 04:21 PM.
                          ^Click them or they will die^


                          • #14
                            Re: Type with your body!

                            Fingers: Calum

                            Toes: callju,m

                            Nose: calum

                            Chin: ,m

                            Elbow: calum

                            Heel: I don't want to get my keyboard smashed :S

                            Forehead: cdalum

                            I'm busy right now. Can i ignore you later?

                            VMK Name: cactusguy


                            • #15
                              Re: Type with your body!

                              Fingers: Megan
                              Toes: Megan
                              Nose: Megan
                              Chin: M DVAZN
                              Elbow: MewfgANBN
                              Heel: Meggan (so close)
                              Forehead: 11`14

                              Wow... forehead.
                              :wave: rosesredrosered: Pianist, singer, DLR Annual Passholder, (Former)VMKer. :wave:


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