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Yavn Speaks 05/08


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  • Yavn Speaks 05/08

    Celebrating the MagicTake home a part of our virtual world with wallpapers for the desktop of your computer, get them from our Downloads page!VMK Mysteries: Legends, Myths & Rumors
    Want to stay on top of the latest item releases? Be sure to check in with Shrunken Ned! Want to know what activities are happening during the VMK Celebration? Check out the Event Info section for that and other happenings in the game. We've got lots of magic let, so make sure you don't miss it.

    Now before we wrap up this edition I thought now would be a good time to answer your questions about some VMK mysteries...
    Will the final version of the VMK Trading Card Game come out?
    By now you've probably guessed the answer to that question. We've already released some of the Trading Card items and will release a few more before the game closes. What happened to the VMK TCG? Honestly? The bugs for multiplayer have never been worked out to our satisfaction and the decision was made not to release the full game.
    What happened to the trash can?
    We hear he's making quite the name for himself as a Blizzard Beach lifeguard! Seriously, like many things in VMK, we were always exploring new ways to do things. In the end, we ultimately thought the all-knowing Esmeralda was much better suited for trivia.
    What was VMK Stories?
    Who told you about VMK Stories? VMKS was an action-adventure game that we were developing as a possible addition to VMK, some of you got a peek at it when pictures of it got leaked by an industrious player who found a backdoor to the VMK Central computer.

    Remember my pal PirateVinnie? He made an appearance in VMKS!What was your favorite part of VMK?
    The Churro Cart. Ok, joking aside, I loved seeing how players used their imaginations to build awesome rooms, games and Quests. Players used things in ways we never really thought about or intended for players to use in that way  like building giant characters out of simple crates or using water carpets to make a swimming pool!
    So there you go  a peek behind the scenes and a little insight on how we make the magic.
    Alright, I gotta run but I'll be back in a few weeks for one more shout out, until then enjoy the game!
    See you in VMK,
    Originally posted by larasound
    am I the burrito man?

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    Re: Yavn Speaks 05/08

    Please refrain from posting off topic subject matter, it has been removed for your convenience. Should you have an issue with a thread that has been moved, please contact a moderator as they will be the ones that can assist you.


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      Re: Yavn Speaks 05/08

      So hopefully I won't get shut down again, I'll try and post yet a third time....

      Finally some answers.

      I never heard about VMK Stories, but man did that look awesome!

      I would assume you could make your own personal back story, such as you being a cursed pirate (as presented in the pictures).

      I wonder if this will be Yavn's final update. I hope there are more VMK Mysteries revealed.
      Last edited by Mr. Yeti; 05-08-2008, 06:33 PM.


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        Re: Yavn Speaks 05/08

        Yeah, Thanks for the update....

        Finally he told us what the month is, but yet we already figured that out.


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