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RCT3 Problems--Should I call Atari or Frontier???

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  • RCT3 Problems--Should I call Atari or Frontier???

    So I am still having graphics problems with my RCT3 game. Visit the NAPA Valley thread in this forum to see pictures.

    I had the graphics card updated, the DirectX updated and repaired, and that did jack-diddly-squat.

    No one at the Atari forums were able to help me, no one gave me any usable advice here, unfortunatly , as to what the problem may have been, and I even tried calling the customer support phone number for Atari that is in the RCT3 manual but that number is disconnected. The number listed there that no longer works is 1-425-951-7108.

    Now, I know Atari doesn't care much for their customers, just by reading other customer reviews about their lousy service, but they have to have some sort of operating customer support phone number atleast somewhere I would imagine.

    But is their any other Atari phone number I can try calling to get some help? Or should I just ignore Atari and call Frontier? If so, is there a toll free number for Frontier that I can call? Or should I call the company that made my graphics card to see if the glitches have something to do with their product?

    I am just frustrated and have given up on the "Game" they called RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. The only reason why I keep asking about it is because I have been making a DVD for another Member here, Lost Boy, containing content from my NAPA Valley park. Doing this kinda gave me a little interest in returning to the game as a player again.

    But until I can figure out what's been going on, this disc will be collecting dust after I finish making the DVD's, or atleast until I get a better computer.

    What should I do? Can anyone provide some phone numbers and help me out?

    Thanks a bunch for reading .

    EDIT: I wonder if the glitches keep happening because of some files that came with the WILD! expansion pack. I had the expansion pack for over a year now and the glitches seem to pop up in lanscaped area's the most. But for some weird reason, they decided not to give us the ability to uninstall WILD! All we can do is keep re-installing it.
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    Re: RCT3 Problems--Should I call Atari or Frontier???

    I tried to find a phone number for Atari again, but to no luck. I searched EVERYWHERE on their website and they come off just being lazy. They only offer a few patches for problems that don't seem to fit mine and that seems to be all they want to offer.

    Does Atari even have any real customer or technical service?

    I tried finding a phone number for Frontier also, but calling them in Eurpoe would definatly put a smile on the faces of those who send out the phone bills each month.

    I guess I might as well give up on RCT3


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      Re: RCT3 Problems--Should I call Atari or Frontier???

      Might I suggest the Frontier Forums?

      People there have been helpful...and there is a RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 forum as well as a Help and Support forum.


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        Re: RCT3 Problems--Should I call Atari or Frontier???

        Thanks Sambo.

        I'll check it out still , but I pretty much already gave up on RCT3. Maybe someday I'll go back to it, but right now I'm burned out on it.