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Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective


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  • Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective

    I thought that it would be a good time to give another game a try, since VMK is now gone. I wanted to see what Club Penguin was all about so I created a login and went exploring.

    I started off in a place called "Ski Village" and was given a generic title, "Penguin57588097"

    Ski Village

    My Penguin

    The one thing I noticed is the exits aren't clearly marked, so when I would want to just move out of the way of others, I often found myself entering an entirely different room, which wasn't my intention.

    The first place I went was the evil looking castle, it took me a place called simply enough, "Mountain"

    It's here you can race your fellow penguins for coins, which is the currency used in this game.

    The Race

    They also have the News which you click on ingame to hear the lastest game information.

    I then ventured inside the room called, "Ski Lodge" (Not really creative with the names here. LOL) and found out I could play Connect Four with fellow players or go Ice Fishing for coins.

    The Ski Lodge

    Connect Four

    Ice Fishing

    Going back to the Ski Village, I next went over to the "Ski Shop"

    Here you can shop for clothing by clicking on the catalog in the corner or the changing rooms.

    Next up, The "Dock"

    Here you can play a game called, "Hydro Hopper", you based hop over items in the water, the longer you do the more coins you earn.

    I then went to a place called, "Town" and decided to check out "Knight Club"


    Knight Club

    There was a set of stairs going down in a speaker, so I waded into the "Boiler Room"

    Here you can click on the filing cabinet and read old newspapers.

    I also went into the cave, hoping to see a dragon, no luck.

    Found him in the "Mine"

    And also a game called, "Cart Surfing"

    Hitting a dead end I headed back up to the "Knight Club" and went up the red carpeted stairs to the "Club Lounge"

    Here you have a choice of two games to play, "Thin Ice" or "Astro Barriers"

    Thin Ice you have to melt the ice to get to your target but you can't go over the same spot twice.

    Astro Barrier you have limited amount of shots and you have to hit all your targets to move forward.

    After exiting back out the Knight Club, I headed over to "Ye Old Coffee Shop" for a cup of joe.

    If you click on the Gold Goblet, you get a pin!

    Then I headed upstairs to "Ye Old Library".

    Where I played a game of Mancala with my old friend, EvilQueen.

    You can also read up on some Penguin stories here.

    Hitting another dead end, I headed out of town to the "Snow Fort", I didn't find anything to do here but there was a nice little pop up about the clock tower and how Penguin Time is different than your time. Basically PST is what time the game is based in.

    I then went to the "Arena". All I could see that you do here is throw snowballs at targets.

    From there I went to the Plaza.

    and entered the Pet Shop. Here is where you buy "Puffles", cute little furry animals, they also sell accessories for your pet but it appears you have to maintain the pet.

    I then wandered into "The Stage" where you could buy various costumes and even read from a script. I thought this was very comical as you were acting out a penguin version of Shakespeare.

    An example of commentary:

    "A fish! A Fish! My puffle for a fish!"

    Next door was the "Pizza Parlor" where you could play a game of "Pizzatron 3000".

    I then headed for the Forest

    Stay tuned tomorrow and see what other places I can explore!
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    Re: Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective

    There is also a game you can play in the coffee shop. Click on the beans behind the counter.
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      Re: Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective

      wow, you did a lot. I got bored after 20 minutes...


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        Re: Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective

        Today I started back in the "Forest" and headed into the treehouse for "The Party" I didn't find anything to do up here, I could throw snowballs at the target but clicking around the room did nothing, so I left.

        I then headed over to the "Cove", where I could play a game called, "Catchin Waves"

        I have to say I had a hard time with surfing game.

        I discovered an exit for the mine titled "Mine Shack" on the map, not sure what it's for.

        I then discovered "The Dojo", still no idea what to do in here. LOL

        I then decided to head to "The Beach" and go exploring.

        I went inside "The Lighthouse" and got a free sorcerer hat.

        Upstairs was a room called "The Beacon" and it had a game to play titled, "Jet Pack"

        You basically fly through the air, catching coins and gasoline for credits in game.

        The last few stops were for things I discovered on the map.

        The Iceberg

        Which had a game called "Aqua Grabber"

        Then it was back to the coffee shop for the game I missed yesterday. "Bean Game" required you to unload the truck of the coffee beans and then drop them on the platform without missing the next bag(s).

        My final stop was for my own personal igloo, unfortunately anything you can buy in the game requires a member subscription.

        My overall impression is its something cute, that my daughter would play for a little bit but then get bored and move on.

        I sincerely hope that there are other people who play this game that can tell me if I missed something or there is more to the game than that but if there isn't, I can't see spending money to play this game every month.

        Although one must ask the question, they put money and effort into this but wouldn't continue to support VMK? Makes me wonder what they were thinking..


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          Re: Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective

          My sister had a membership. There isn't anything special about it, You just earn coins, and spend them.

          Right now.. As i saw, There is a "Party" Every now and then they change every room for a theme. Im guessing this theme is "Knights" But.. over time, It all goes back to the normal-looking Club Penguin.

          Your choices For being a Member:
          -Buying a new room [ One Max. ]
          -Buying Clothing
          -Buying Furnish
          -Being able to Open and Close your room
          -Buying Unlimited Amount Of "Puffles"

          Your choices for being a Non-Member:
          -Small Room
          -2 "Puffles" Max.
          -Choices of Red Or Blue Puffles Only

          Some other things:
          -You can't type punctuation at all.
          -Once your membership has ended, You can't wear your clothing, Put any furnish in your room, etc.
          -NO words are moderated [Example: They don't turn red like vmk, But CP staff does look at them.]
          -Automatic Bans take place for a "Naughty Words"

          To me.. I have many more other was to spend my money.


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            Re: Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective

            I find it interesting in this image, someone is talking about boyfriend tryouts at their place... and asking if there are any boys. This is something that would not of been allowed on VMK. I wonder if now that Disney owns Club Penguin, they will start to impose the same value system there, or just use it to bring in revenue to pay off actually having to buy the game.

            The quality is certainly not up to Disney standards. Time will tell if they make any changes or upgrade to the game/site or if they just leave it as is.

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              Re: Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective

              Originally posted by penguinsoda View Post
              I find it interesting in this image, someone is talking about boyfriend tryouts at their place... and asking if there are any boys. This is something that would not of been allowed on VMK. I wonder if now that Disney owns Club Penguin, they will start to impose the same value system there, or just use it to bring in revenue to pay off actually having to buy the game
              Its just like "Taken" They allowed it in vmk, So they allowed it on CP.

              Which im surprised that this time, You have NO CLUE who is behind that penguin, Since there isn't a gender characters.

              Hopefully time will pass, And they will start doing something.


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                Re: Club Penguin - A Newbie Perspective

                normally club penguin will not be midevil (sp?) but this month was themed to a medevil (sp?) theme. also u can say bad words but some get you automatically banned for 24 hours. i think the one u can say without getting banned is the "a" word.


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