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Toybox Share info exchange.

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  • Toybox Share info exchange.

    Hey guys I've been a forum member since the first gumball rally many years agoI occasionally stop in and read some threads but I've never really posted.
    I've been searching the Disney Infinity section of the forums and haven't seen a place for people to get in contact with one another and share toyboxes.

    As for me none of my Xbox live friends play Disney Infinity, so I'm looking for some new people to play with, Feel free to friend me on Xbox live my username is ItsDanOSucka
    Disney Infinity Display name:INF308916

    And if there is a place where sharing info exists, please delete this post and point me in the right direction.
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    Re: Toybox Share info exchange.

    Don't have an Xbox but my PSN name is JerrodDRagon if anyone is up beat some challenges (I have every characters and playset too)
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Re: Toybox Share info exchange.

      Just got the game and started playing yesterday my Xbox name is Gizmo Hatake

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