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Disney Infinity has $30 million debut

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  • Disney Infinity has $30 million debut

    Bloomberg is stating that Disney Infinity has come out with a good debut and if this can keep up it may just mean we will see Disney Infinity last for a long time. Are you impressed with its debut or is it still to early to tell?

    SOURCE: Disney Infinity Debut Equals Skylanders Giants, Analyst Says - Bloomberg
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    Re: Disney Infinity has $30 million debut

    After hearing it cost 100 million to seems like a smaller number then I'd thought it would be especially since have all the characters and bought over 20 packs now ....just seems like theyre would be millions of people doing that too but by these numbers seems like only thousands have collected most the figures and playsets

    THOUGH I do want to point out that my guess is ALL future games and playsets wont cost that much more because they now have the engine and stuff like that to be fair in 5 years I'm, sure they're have made billions and only spent like 300 million (especially is they make a statr wars and marvel spin off)
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      Re: Disney Infinity has $30 million debut

      Keep in mind we haven't even hit the holiday buying season yet.