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Infinity 2.0 questions


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  • Infinity 2.0 questions

    Anyone have a complete list on what characters and discs will be released for 2.0 next month?
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    Re: Infinity 2.0 questions

    I'm not sure the list is entirely complete but it's everything that I know of that will be available at launch

    The Avengers Play Set:
    -Black Widow
    -Iron man
    -The Hulk(exclusively for the PS3 and PS4 collectors editions until late October then he is available to everyone)
    -Captain America

    Guardians of the Galaxy Play set:

    Spider Man play set:
    -Spider Man
    -Iron Fist
    -Nick Fury

    All Toy Box Games:

    -Attack on Asgard
    -Escape from Kyln

    All Disney Infinity Power Discs (Edition 2.0):

    -Alien Symbiote
    -Gamma Rays
    -Maleficent's Spell Cast
    -S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Strike
    -Stark Arc Reactor
    -Sentinel of Liberty
    -Space Armor
    -The Immortal Iron Fist
    -Team Up - Iron Patriot
    -Team Up – White Tiger
    -Team Up - Winter Soldier
    -Zeus’ Thunderbolt
    -Darkwing Duck's Grappling Gun
    -Darkwing Duck’s Ratcatcher
    -Falcon's Wings
    -Hydra Motorcycle
    -Jack-O-Lantern's Glider
    -S.H.I.E.L.D. Containment Truck
    -Spider Buggy
    -Spider Glider
    -The Avenjet
    -USS Swinetrek
    -Spidey's Streets
    -Spidey’s Sky
    -Stark Tech
    -View From the Suit
    -World War Hulk
    -World War Hulk Sky
    -Simba's Pridelands
    -The King’s Domain
    -Calhoun's Command
    -CyBug Swarm
    -The Rip
    -Star-Lord’s Galaxy
    -Groot's Roots
    -Groot’s View

    Rare Power Discs (Edition 2.0)

    -Team Up - Yondu
    -Main Street Electrical Parade Float


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      Re: Infinity 2.0 questions

      Aaaagh I can't wait! I've already preordered the Collector's Edition and all the playsets and figures...the 23rd can't get here fast enough!
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        Re: Infinity 2.0 questions

        I'm getting the collector's edition(with a Rocket bonus figure), the GotG play set, Groot, and a couple powers discs. I'm gonna wait a bit for Drax just to save a few dollars and since Spider Man's not my favorite superhero, I'm going to wait for the play sets reviews before I invest. Nick Fury, however, is a must to truly complete my Avengers collection even if he's not actually playable in the Avengers play set.

        I'm more excited for the Disney Originals in November.


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          Re: Infinity 2.0 questions

          From the gameplay, Drax absolutely OWNS.
          Amnesia used to be my favourite word, but I forgot it.


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