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KH III World Ideas

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  • [Chat] KH III World Ideas

    I know it's still a little ways away, but I just think it would be fun to discuss what new Disney films and properties will be utilized in the newest Kingdom Hearts installment (especially with Disney's purchases of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm since KHII's release).
    I've yet to think of a good way to utilize Star Wars or Indiana Jones, Marvel would be tough to because we have so many heroes to choose from. It'll be difficult to decide which will be cameo characters, and which will have a world devoted to them.
    To make it easier on myself, I'm listing worlds based on Disney animated/live action films, and Pixar(because I think Pixar will be easier to utilize)
    1.The Sword in the Stone
    2.Toy Story
    3.Robin Hood
    4.The Jungle Book
    5.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    6.Princess and the Frog
    8.Wreck it Ralph
    9.DuckTales(TV I know, but it would be cool)
    10.The Black Cauldron(very doubtful though).

    I know some of these worlds don't have a good chance of being included in the game. Now I'd like to hear from all of you. Can you guys think of good ways to integrate Lucas and Marvel properties seamlessly into the Kingdom Hearts franchise? Which worlds do you want to return? And which films do you want to be represented in this massive crossover? Oh, and any Square characters you wanna see, would be nice to know.

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    Re: KH III World Ideas

    I think the game was developed far before disney bought Lucas and Marvel. It would be better if they stuck to the classic movies like they have been. I've only played BBS and 1 & 2 and I've never seen Quazimoto. He would fit right in