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Kingdom Hearts Thread


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  • Kingdom Hearts Thread

    Alright, I figured this game defintly needs it's own thread and with the sequel coming out in the fall figured it'd make sense. So who here has played this game, who loved it? Who hated it? Best part about the game? Excited for Kingdom Hearts 2?

    Personally, I thought it was the greatest game I ever played, what an ingenious idea. I mostly think Disney games are mediocre at best, but when I put the disk in my playstation 2 I was blown away. Square and Disney did a great job on the game and it had such a great storyline with characters that drew you in. Although it got incredibly tough to play.

    And does anyone here know any information on the new game? Like what the worlds are going to be? I know Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. God, I wish they would put Emperor's New Groove and Roger Rabbit in the game, but those probably are not going to happen. But yeah, can't wait til the fall.
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    It was a great game, and I loved the 'boss' fight segments.

    Good story all around, and the artwork was great!


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      When I played it, all I thought was "it's about time Disney releases a half-decent game!". Seriously though, I don't know how they could have done it without Square.

      I played a few levels of Kingdom Hearts II at E3 and the action is definitely a lot more cooler and fast paced. There was one level with literally hundreds upon hundreds of heartless, and with the new hyper drive feature that allows you to wield dual keyblades, I'm sure everyone will love the way the action drives the game. Another cool thing was the way you can do super moves with you and a NPC. I did one with Auron and it was freakin' incredible...


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        There actually is a Kingdom Hearts 2 website. I went to my home page and did a search for Kingdom Hearts 2, and there it was. They had a lot of detail about the new game. They also had a lot of pictures. The type was kinda small. A little hard to read.

        I first played Kingdom Hearts with my grandson. I had never played any video games before I played that one. I am almost 60 years old. My grandson is now 12. We bought the game when it originally came out. It is my all time favorite video game.

        I played the game many different times. Each time, I chose a different weapon. I played sword, shield, and staff. The game flowed differently each time. Some of the major battles were easy to beat one time, and then hard the next, and vice versa. I obtained the ultimate weapon each time. I let my grandson do the Pooh section, each time. Couldn't master that jumping by Rabbit, and that thing where you swing Pooh, on the swing, drove me nuts!

        I made it through the Colosseum Cups. The additional bosses were very difficult, even for my grandson, who plays quite well.

        First time I played the game, I needed so much help from my grandson. Couldn't smash the barrels. Couldn't swing on those vines. Took me forever to learn how to jump. I absolutely hated the gummi travel. Could not, never did figure out how to update the gummi ship. Neighbor child, also 12, was extra good at that gummi stuff. What is it about the youngsters? They have inborn computer saavy.

        Well first time I played the game, it took me over 100 hours. Each time, I did it in fewer hours. Last time I played, I did expert in about 50. I loved synthesizing items. I loved fighting all the heartless.

        The absolute best part of the game, however, is the animation. Nobody does it better. I just loved Sora and Donald and Goofy. My all time favorite Jiminy is there too. Mickey shows up in Kingdom Hearts 2.

        I did all the trinitys and released all the puppies. Saw all the ending credits.
        First two times, I let my grandson fight Ansem at the end. I finally was able to beat him myself third time through.

        My favorite part of the game, is when you get to walk as a heartless.

        Great game, wish the new game would hurry up already. Guess if its taking this long, it should be fantastic.

        Did not care for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Could not master that

        I will keep an eye on this thread.


        • #5
          I thought it was okay. It had some really downright bad parts of story but the gameplay was alright.

          Not interested in #2, though. What the heck are they doing? Why is everything so dark and depressing and Mickey wearing black cloaks and that kind of garbage. This is a freakin' DISNEY game, not Edgar Allen Poe, so lighten it up.

          Really, Mickey Mouse is the last character on Earth that I can think of that would go beating down on enemies, even with a weapon shaped like a giant key.


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            Believe me, as for a Disney game, KH 2 is going to be VERY dark. But anyone who played the gameboy game could tell you that in a heart beat.

            The unknowns DIED onscreen T_T Including both of my favorites!

            I have to agree though, while I like the series, the dark factor has been kicked up to an uncomfortable notch


            • #7
              I can't wait for KH2 to come out, either. I am kinda shamed to admit this, but I had trouble going through Chain of Memories. Though I still did beat it... went through it pretty fast on Riku's story, but Sora's story.. I had some difficulty. That card battle-type battle scheme probably was the thing that messed me up.

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