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New Magazine Scans


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  • New Magazine Scans

    Birth By Sleep

    Looks like there will be a Cinderella world, as seen in the bottom right scan above.

    358/2 Days



    Information regarding the scans (Source:

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

    - Development for this game started a bit early, but it was interrupted by the development for re:COM
    - Ven is the male's Alias and his real name is longer.
    - There is a mystery of who each character is.
    - The keyblade Master is someone who has not appeared in any of the series yet.
    - The story is set to be complex and serious.
    - The Story Advances with three people, each with their own different gameplay.
    - The battle system is new compared to the ones in previous KH games.

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    - The full meaning behind the title can only be understood once you complete the game.
    - The first idea that came from this game was to show the daily life of the Organization.
    - This is based off of after Roxas entered Organization XIII, this game will also revolve around the one year when Sora is asleep. (A direct sequel to COM basically)
    - Roxas has doubt, and begins to believe if it's better to leave the Organization or not.
    - The scan says that the 14th member is not Namine, however IS a key character to the story.
    - You will still be going through Disney Worlds
    - Roxas vs Riku will be in the game!
    - There is a system that allows you to see the memories of Sora.
    - Multiplayer mode is not related at all to the story.
    - ALL XIII MEMBERS can be used in Multiplayer mode.
    - Every member has a unique style of gameplay, also once you defeat the boss you can replay the mission again as much as you want to. There are different missions for each character.
    - You can draw for fun in the second screen.
    - Everytime you complete a mission, one of the Organization chairs raise a bit higher.

    KH: Coded
    - Is considered to be the brother of Agito XIII
    - Nomura wanted to make it a playground for the fans.
    - This game will clerify where Riku and the King was during KH1
    - The Debugging Mode is used to move from the Data to the real world
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