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Fringe - Series Premier tomorrow, 09/09


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  • Fringe - Series Premier tomorrow, 09/09

    Just wanted to set a reminder for everyone that Fringe premiers tomorrow and to set your DVR's.

    FOX 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m.

    Fringe - Home

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    Re: Fringe - Series Premier tomorrow, 09/09

    I'll be there! Thanks for the reminder, I let my TV Guide subscription lapse!
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      Re: Fringe - Series Premier tomorrow, 09/09

      Ok, so did anyone watch this show last night? I did and wow, some intense special effects (also read this as gory/gruesome) for primetime TV. I thought for sure I'd have nightmares about melting faces (thankfully, didn't). I think this is going to be an interesting series, the premise is pretty interesting about fringe technologies and I'm interested to see how it goes. Last night's premere was an hour and half long, but it sure flew by. I hope the rest of the series is as interesting.


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        Re: Fringe - Series Premier tomorrow, 09/09

        It was very interesting.

        After seeing Lance Reddick (Abaddon on Lost) and Joshua Jackson (I remember him from The Mighty Ducks w/ Emilio Estevez) I was very excited to see where this series is going to go.

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          Re: Fringe - Series Premier tomorrow, 09/09

          We watched it last night and really enjoyed it, although we were a little confused as to what time period it was set in. I was going for modern day because of the Spongebob reference but then why would there be robotic arms and planes that land themselves?

          So we weren't sure on that one but overall we enjoyed it and want to watch again next week to see how it progresses. I loved the twist with her lover and the classic, "Bigger than you know" principal that is being thrown at the agent.

          I did think the professor and son story was a little weak though, I just didn't see how he would want to stay behind and help this woman, based on the back story they gave about him.


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            Re: Fringe - Series Premier tomorrow, 09/09

            Anyone else still watching? I've really enjoyed this show so far.

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              Re: Fringe - Series Premier tomorrow, 09/09

              dustin and i are still watching, and still very much enjoying this show. i love the xfiles-y vibe i'm getting from it
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