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  • Snl

    I really enjoyed last weeks episode.

    We are currently 17 minutes into episode 2 of the season...holy crap it sucks.
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.

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    Re: Snl

    Maybe Tina will do a surprise visit n' save the show. She WAS last week's show.
    Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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      Re: Snl

      James Franco was a surprisingly sucktacular host. I expected better of him. Phelps wasn't much better last week, but the expectations weren't as high either and they at least found ways to use him well without exposing his limitations as a performer. Plus there were just some better sketches overall last week. I'm hopeful that perhaps Anna Faris can save us next week by being the first good host of the season.

      They really need to get some fresh femal blood on the show. They have 3 now, and Amy is leaving in a couple of months.


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        Re: Snl

        i really liked the Kings of Leon (the musical guests)

        Dustin kept commenting on how the lead singer reminded him of Michael Pare in Streets of Fire based on his look and dress...and their music is pretty dang good too
        Will there be screams when the sun sets,
        -=Is It October Yet?=-

        Originally posted by Tinkermonkey
        elly is the ultimate nerdy girl. But she makes it sexy
        Originally posted by pratt55
        Elly is adorkable.


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          Re: Snl

          They need better writers, and Andy Samberg is really starting to get annoying in my opinion.


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            Re: Snl

            Originally posted by Xharryb View Post
            Amy is leaving in a couple of months.
            This is just about the saddest news ever.

            Right after the news that Tina Fey was leaving. I think we're about to go into another SNL slump again, which is too bad. It's so weird how that show cycles like that.
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