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Where are all "The Shield" Fans?


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  • Where are all "The Shield" Fans?

    I've been lurking around the boards and I have not seen anybody talk about "The Shield" on FX. This is the last season and if you've been a fan of the show, you know everything is coming to a head!

    SO if you are a Shield fan, let your Shield fan fly and let me know what you think about this season, how you think it will all end, your favorite characters and story arcs and anything and everything thing to do with one of THE best shows on TV today!!! (IMHO)
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    Re: Where are all "The Shield" Fans?

    My bf got me into the Shield. It is a great show! I've watched all of the seasons this year on DVD. The current season is so good. I can't believe there are only 3 episodes left. I think that Vic is going to end up dead or in jail. Same with Shane. I can see Ronnie walking away from it all. I guess we will find out very shortly!
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