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Top Five tv show


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  • Top Five tv show

    List your Top 5 Favorite Serial Here
    mine Top 5 tv Shows are
    one Tree Hill
    The OC

  • #2
    Re: Top Five tv show

    First of all Devid, welcome to MiceChat!

    It appears that you're looking for top five on the air in first-run right now, as opposed to top five all time.

    That being the case, I'd say...

    1) 24
    2)Dog, the Bounty Hunter
    3) Big Love (HBO)
    4) Pushing Daisies (now cancelled, doggone it)
    5) Parking Wars and Repo Wars on A&E (tied, a guilty pleasure) -- Barry
    Last edited by Radiobarry; 01-17-2009, 12:23 AM.
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    • #3
      Re: Top Five tv show

      The OC
      The Office
      Desperate Housewives
      What Not to Wear

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        Re: Top Five tv show

        Originally posted by Devid View Post
        List your Top 5 Favorite Serial Here
        Honey Nut Cheerios
        Smart Start
        Capt'n Crunch
        Frosted Flakes
        Cocoa Puffs

        Oh, wait, this is suppose to be tv shows. DAMN I did it again!


        • #5
          Re: Top Five tv show

          1. Pushing Daisies (sob)
          2. The Office
          3. House
          4. Ugly Betty
          5. Lost
          5 1/2. Desperate Housewives


          • #6
            Re: Top Five tv show

            I'm going to say mine of recent times. Whether on or not!

            1) Six Feet Under
            2) The Office
            3) Arrested Development
            4) Madmen
            5) The Sopranos


            • #7
              Re: Top Five tv show

              1) Mythbusters
              2) Ghost Hunters
              3) Dexter
              4) The Office
              5) I Was Bitten
              6) Because I can......Fringe must be included
              Last edited by RegionsBeyond; 01-17-2009, 09:15 PM.
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              • #8
                Re: Top Five tv show

                In no particular order:

                1. Bones
                2. Eli Stone (now cancelled )
                3. Ugly Betty
                4. Lost
                5. Fringe
                6. True Blood (yes I'm cheating with 6, but True Blood's not really on right now, so it doesn't really count)


                • #9
                  Re: Top Five tv show

                  1: 30 Rock
                  2: The Office
                  3: Kath and Kim
                  4: My Name is Earl
                  5: Saturday Night Live

                  Mythbusters and Curb Your Enthusiasm get honorable mentions.
                  Last edited by stitchon; 01-27-2009, 05:46 PM.


                  • #10
                    Re: Top Five tv show

                    In no particular order:

                    The Tudors
                    Grey's Anatomy
                    Big Bang Theory
                    How I Met Your Mother

                    *Only on in reruns now.


                    • #11
                      Re: Top Five tv show

                      1.) The Simpsons
                      2.) Smallville
                      3.) Heroes
                      4.) Lost
                      5.) Family Guy
                      "You are watching FOX"


                      • #12
                        Re: Top Five tv show

                        1) Kath and Kim
                        2) Family Guy
                        3) The Simpsons
                        4) Heros
                        5) Pushing Dasies
                        6) 30 Rock
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                        • #13
                          Re: Top Five tv show

                          1. Psych
                          2. Burn Notice
                          3. Grey's
                          4. Chuck
                          5. How I met your Mother (which I only started watching recently so I am so glad Lifetime has them on Monday nights at 7pm so I can slowly catch up...or borrow the DVDs from a friend...that might be faster.)
                          I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

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                          • #14
                            Re: Top Five tv show

                            How I Met Your Mother
                            Two and a Half Men

                            Those are the only current shows I watch.


                            • #15
                              Re: Top Five tv show

                              #1:Home Improvment
                              #2: King of the Hill
                              #3: George Lopez
                              #4: What not to Wear
                              #5: Jon and Kate plus 8
                              Ps This is my first post!


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