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ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars


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  • ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars

    I am posting this thread now, because by morning I'm likely to forget it. I've already looked for it on YouTube, but it isn't on there yet.

    During the finale of DTWS, there were two ads for ABC shows running the motto "ABC Shows Live Here"

    Picture characters from your favorite ABC primetime shows, all living together under one roof like it was a reality show. And add the family like chemistry of Disney's House of Mouse, and you had these ads. The second one was kind of on the lame side, but the first was hilarious.

    Both start out showing a home that looks to be on Wisteria Lane, and outside, are different mailboxes from the most popular primetime ABC shows like Housewives, Lost, Grey's, DWTS, Wipeout, and Extreme Home Makeover.

    Once inside, first you see Addison from Private Practice in the kitchen, and Justin from Brothers & Sisters walks over trying to open a bag of cereal and it explodes all over the place, with Addison rolling her eyes. Ty from Extreme Home Makeover opens the door to the bathroom, yelling out on his megaphone "Somebody get me a towel!" as a blonde (who looked like Pam Anderson but I could be wrong) walks down the hallway and has that disgusted look cause not only is Ty screaming, but he's in a towel and a shower cap.

    Next you see Super Nanny Joe on the stairs saying "Clean your balls before they come in the house!" while a big muddy wipeout ball rolls by and here comes the host of the show. Tom Bergeron is hosting a meeting in the living room, and Susan is on the couch, taking away the bowl of popcorn from Jack from Lost, who seems to be smitten with her. Hurley is on the lawn raking leaves and doing a little dance as Carrie Ann & Bruno look down from above. Bruno gives a 9, while Carrie Ann hits him with the paddle and gives Hurley a 10. Bree is setting up some fancy meatball or some sort of dish (is stacked in a pyramid) and later on, McSteamy messes it up knocking it all over.

    At another point, you see Ty, fully dressed this time, but still yelling out orders on his megaphone. Rob Lowe's character from Brothers & Sisters walks around the corner, grabs the megaphone and stomps on it till it's broken into several pieces. He says "That's enough of that!" and walks off. Ty agrees, but when he talks, his voice still sounds like it's being projected through a megaphone.

    Nora from Brothers & Sisters welcomes the Bachelorette and a lucky Bachelor inside, tries to shut the door, but in walks a slew of Bachelors, each holding a rose, and she of course has that look of confusion on her face. Upstairs somewhere is Housewife Katherine, looking up at a flickering lamp, while in dances two professional dancers from DTWS (the brother & sister team). He twirls her, raises her up, she twists the light bulb in the lamp to stop it from flickering and they dance off, while Katherine has the look on her face like "What is going on here?" And then rolls the "ABC Shows Live Here" line.

    Hilarious commercial. I'll try to keep an eye out for it on youtube and post it here, unless someone beats me to it.

    Oh and the second one, just featured Susan from DH and Jack from Lost. They're both in the kitchen, and he's quite enamored with her. She seems to be enjoying his company. While she's cutting up some cilantro or something, he asks for a spatula or some other utensil. She points behind her and says "It's on the island." Next you see, Jack starts having a bunch of flashbacks, all clips from the show Lost, and when he comes to and says "We have to go back to the island Kate!" and then rushes off. Susan looks completely bewildered and says "Ok, but who's Kate?" Then the ad line says "ABC Shows Live Here."
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    Re: ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars

    If there's one thing that Disney knows how to do well, it's self-promotion and marketing.
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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      Re: ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars

      nice share!...thanks!...
      my heart is yours


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        Re: ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars

        I still haven't been able to find it. Does anyone have a copy to it?

        ^^^Scratch that........

        I googled it, and I found it, but not on youtube. Here's a link to another person's blog on another site. It has the two current commercials on it right now.
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          Re: ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars

          I just watched the one with all of them again, and the look on "Katherine's" face is priceless!!!! :lmao:


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            Re: ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars

            It's a Cassidy family reunion. According to "TV Guide," Shirley Jones will appear in an episode to be broadcast in September.

            I apologize. I just realized I posted my reply to the wrong thread.
            Last edited by TheTexasKid; 08-08-2009, 02:47 PM. Reason: Reply attached to wrong thread.


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              Re: ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars

              No Castle? It's one of the only shows I watch on ABC (It also makes me miss Pushing Daisies again like woah)


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                Re: ABC Primetime Shows TV Ad During Dancing W/The Stars

                Look up ABC House on youtube...there are a series of them.


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