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Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars

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    Re: Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars

    Just wanted to wish the good Doctor a Happy 46th Birthday today.

    It was on November 23, 1963 when An Unearthly Child first aired.

    Happy Birthday to the good Doctor!

    Here is the original opening title and song. The original still sounds just as good today as it did 46 years ago!

    A Classic!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Doctor Who - Original Theme Music Video[/ame]

    As an added bit of fun I also want to pay tribute to another Doctor Who anniversary.
    The infamous WTTW Pirate incident in Chicago. Neither the hijacker nor his accomplices have ever been found or identified.

    around 11:15 p.m., during a broadcast of the Doctor Who serial Horror of Fang Rock, PBS station WTTW (channel 11)'s signal was hijacked

    WTTW, which maintains its transmitter atop the Willis Tower (then the Sears Tower), found that its engineers were unable to stop the hijacker. According to station spokesman Anders Yocom, technicians monitoring the transmission "attempted to take corrective measures, but couldn't". "By the time our people began looking into what was going on, it was over", he told the Chicago Tribune. WTTW was able to find copies of the hijacker's telecast with the help of Doctor Who fans who had been taping the show.
    [ame=""]YouTube - WTTW Chicago - Max Headroom Pirating Incident(1987)-Original[/ame]
    Crazy Larry loves ya! ......Hurry up before they lock me up!

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