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Detials of MTV's Teen Wolf re-do Leaked

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  • Detials of MTV's Teen Wolf re-do Leaked reported recently of info regarding MTV's new hot ticket Teen Wolf original series from producer Jeff Davis @ Comic-Con.

    First off, most of the material from the original 1985 Micheal J Fox film has been scrapped. The movie's theme of basketball has been replaced by lacrosse and Scott Howard ,now McCall(Tyler Posey), no longer recieves werewolf-ism geneticly. Its gym rat b-class humor turned in favor for more serious sexual and supernatural overtones.

    There will be three forms of werewolves( possible pack dimorphism) and all wolf effects will be handled PRACTICALLY as in no Cursed bs cgi.

    The reinvention is set for a late Summer/Fall 2011 premiere.

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    Re: Detials of MTV's Teen Wolf re-do Leaked

    sounds lame.
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