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Favorite TV theme songs


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  • Favorite TV theme songs

    What are your favorite on or off air theme songs?

    On Air

    House M.D.
    The Simpsons
    American Dad

    Off Air

    Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
    Happy Days
    Knight Rider
    Miami Vice
    Gilmore Girls
    Saved by the Bell
    "You are watching FOX"

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    Re: Favorite TV theme songs

    [ame=""]YouTube- Psych Theme (Really The Whole Song)[/ame]

    Sons of Anarchy
    [ame=""]YouTube- This Life (Sons of Anarchy Theme Song) Full[/ame]

    True Blood
    [ame=""]YouTube- True Blood Theme Song (Jace Everett - Bad Things)[/ame]

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      Re: Favorite TV theme songs

      On the Air:

      Family Guy
      American Guy (and that's the only thing I like about the show,too)

      Off the air: *cracking my fingers*

      Married with Children
      Mister ED
      Addams Family
      Gilligan's Island
      The Flintstones (Meet The Flintstones theme)
      Adventure of the Gummi Bears
      Darkwing Duck
      Tiny Toons
      Pinky and The Brain
      The Snorks
      Sesame Street (the old and first version of it only)
      The Muppet Show

      That's all I can think of right now.
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        Re: Favorite TV theme songs

        As for my fave past TV Show Theme Songs

        [ame=]YouTube - Baywatch Full Theme Tune[/ame]

        The Munsters
        [ame=]YouTube - The Munsters theme song[/ame]

        California Dreams
        [ame=]YouTube - California Dreams - Theme Song Video[/ame]

        [ame=]YouTube - Jackass Theme song - Full version[/ame]

        Viva La Bam
        [ame=]YouTube - Viva La Bam Theme Song[/ame]

        [ame=]YouTube - Wildboyz Theme[/ame]

        Nitro Circus
        [ame=]YouTube - Intro Nitro Circus[/ame]

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          Re: Favorite TV theme songs

          I like the Friends Theme Song...
          and Will and Grace.....
          and some of the seasons from Roseanne (some seasons had different songs)
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            Re: Favorite TV theme songs

            [ame=]YouTube - Hawaii Five 0 Intro[/ame]


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              Re: Favorite TV theme songs

              On Air

              Family Guy
              Fairly Odd Parents
              How I Met Your Mother

              Off Air
              Alvin and the Chipmunks
              Kids Incorporated
              Tiny Toons
              Super Friends
              The A-Team
              Fall Guy
              Dukes of Hazard
              Banana Splits
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                Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                I'm old school so my faves growing up in the 60's and 70's are…

                [ame=""]The Wild Wild West[/ame]

                Hawaii Five-O

                Simon & Simon

                [ame=""] The Fall Guy[/ame]

                …and finally, a true gem of a classic…

                [ame=""]The Rockford Files[/ame]
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                  Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                  On Air:
                  Doctor Who Series 5:
                  [ame=]YouTube - Doctor Who - Series 5 - New Opening Intro[/ame]

                  I don't watch much TV.

                  Off Air:
                  [ame=]YouTube - The Ballad of Serenity "Firefly intro"[/ame]

                  Star Trek Deep Space Nine (one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written)
                  [ame=]YouTube - Star Trek Deep Space Nine Opening Intro (Season 6)[/ame]

                  Bosom Buddies:
                  [ame=]YouTube - Bosom Buddies Opening[/ame]

                  Doctor Who Series 4:
                  [ame=]YouTube - doctor who series 4 intro[/ame]

                  Happy Days:
                  [ame=]YouTube - Happy Days Intro Early/Mid Seasons[/ame]

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                    Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                    Off air:
                    King of Queens

                    On air:
                    The Office (my ringtone)
                    Family Guy
                    Home away from Home.


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                      Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                      very nice sharing but my favorite one was,..
                      Indian TV serial,..TERE LIYE,.....
                      its awesome them,..
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                        Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                        The Jeffersons

                        [ame=""]YouTube - The Jeffersons Season 1 Opening[/ame]

                        Doctor Who (1963)

                        and just for fun
                        The Prisoner

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                          Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                          Batman (from the 60's definitely had one of the coolest BEST)
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Old Batman TV Show Theme Song[/ame]

                          Hogan's Heroes!
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Post-Pilot Intro to Hogan's Heroes[/ame]

                          Star Trek - the original
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Star Trek Original Series Intro (HQ)[/ame]

                          Pink Panther
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Pink Panter {Marko}[/ame]

                          Addams Family
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Addams Family TV Show Opening 1964[/ame]

                          [ame=""]YouTube - Dragnet 1951[/ame]

                          Twighlight Zone
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Twilight Zone intro.[/ame]

                          Brady Bunch
                          [ame=""]YouTube - The Sims Brady Bunch[/ame]

                          Get Smart (one of the coolest openings of any tv show ever)
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Get Smart - First Season Theme - 1965[/ame]

                          [ame=""]YouTube - BONANZA[/ame]

                          Green Acres
                          [ame=""]YouTube - 1966 opening theme to Green Acres tv show[/ame]

                          Gilligan's Island
                          [ame=""]YouTube - gilligan's Island Intro. (Rare, Colorized).[/ame]

                          Hawaii Five-0
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Tv Theme Hawaii Five-O (Full Theme)[/ame]

                          I Dream of Jeannie - (Ferris Bueller would agree)
                          [ame=""]YouTube - I Dream of Jeannie opening[/ame]

                          [ame=""]YouTube - bewitched intro[/ame]

                          Courtship of Eddies Father
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Courtship Of Eddie s Father Opening Theme[/ame]

                          Greatest American Hero
                          [ame=""]YouTube - Greatest American Hero Intro[/ame]

                          [ame=""]YouTube - Dinosaurs Theme Song[/ame]

                          The Muppet Show
                          [ame=""]YouTube - The Muppet Show Theme (Season Five)[/ame]

                          F Troop
                          [ame=""]YouTube- F Troop Season 1 Intro[/ame]
                          [ame=""]YouTube- F Troop Season 2 Intro[/ame]

                          Beverly Hillbillies
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                            Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                            the 90s X-Men Animated Series intro theme!


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                              Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                              My current fav is the theme from The Big Bang Theory.
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                                Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                                ON AIR:
                                -The Big Bang Theory
                                -House M.D
                                -Family Guy
                                -The Cleveland Show
                                -Aqua Teen Hunger Force

                                OFF AIR:
                                -King of Queens
                                -Whose Line is it anyway?

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                                  Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                                  On air:
                                  -The Office

                                  Off Air:
                                  -The Nanny (because they tell you what the show is about)
                                  -Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
                                  -Gilmore Girls (fit so perfectly)
                                  -Drew Carey Show (all of them - moon over parma, cleveland rocks, etc)
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                                    Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                                    Pretty much everyone has hit my faves, but for the ones no one hit.

                                    On Air

                                    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

                                    YouTube - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Theme - 2009, Full

                                    YouTube - Entourage Opening Theme

                                    Curb your Enthusiasm
                                    YouTube - Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Tune

                                    Off Air

                                    The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson
                                    YouTube - The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson theme song

                                    Late Night With Conan O'Brien

                                    Welcome Back Kotter
                                    YouTube - Welcome Back Kotter

                                    What's Happening
                                    YouTube - What's Happening theme song

                                    The Kids in the Hall
                                    YouTube - Kids In The Hall intro theme song by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet

                                    It's Garry Shandling's Show
                                    YouTube - It's Garry Shandling's Show - Theme Song

                                    Silver Spoons
                                    YouTube - Silver Spoons Seasons 1/2

                                    21 Jump Street
                                    YouTube - 21 Jump Street Intro

                                    In Living Color
                                    YouTube - In Living Color Opening Theme

                                    The West Wing
                                    YouTube - the west wing season 7 opening titles

                                    Star Trek: Enterprise
                                    YouTube - Star Trek Enterprise theme (Season 3+4)
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                                      Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                                      Bonanza (I used to have it as a ringtone)
                                      The Banana Splits
                                      Hawaii Five-0
                                      The Monkees
                                      Buffy the Vampire Slayer


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                                        Re: Favorite TV theme songs

                                        Gilligan's Island


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