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Transformers: Prime


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  • Transformers: Prime

    A brand new CGI-animated Transformers show, this time the Transformers almost look like there film counter-parts. Watch (link) a clip below...
    Videos: News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology & More -
    Friday, November 26th as previously rumored. On the 26th, The Hub will air the first two parts of Darkness Rising with parts 3-5 airing on December 2nd through 5th. The press release breaks down the confusing schedule but there are multiple repeats with a mini-marathon on December 4th from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. Assuming I am reading the release's tea leaves correctly, after the "mini-series" event, Transformres: Prime's regular schedule will be Fridays at 6:30pm. Have to say, whoever is handling the schedule at The Hub is borderline incompetent. It really shouldn't be this hard to figure out what the schedule is of a program.

    official site: Transformers Prime | Watch TV Shows and View TV Schedule | Hubworld
    Let's not forget where it all began, 26 years ago...
    YouTube - Transformers Genaration One Tribute
    Out of ALL the multiple generations, this was my favorite Transformers cartoon theme (below)
    YouTube - Transformers Season 3 Intro
    Source: First look: 'Transformers' morphs back into TV series -
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    Re: Transformers: Prime

    If you missed it, this new series uses the Transformers of the film genre, and expanding the Transformers universe. By episode 4, Unicron is mention, and even characters from Beast Machines are tossed in. My only WTF problem, Soundwave is a female character or did I miss something? Prime is still voiced by the original of both Gen1 & films, Peter Cullen.

    You can watch all 4 episodes so far by opening the youtube channel or on TV channel Watch Kids Videos and Play Free Online Games | Hub TV | HubWorld.

    I love generation 1, and I'm so used to so many generation variations of Transformers since 1984 now, this new chapter in the universe is doable. If you have a good eye, many of generation 1 characters are spotted but its the Decepticons this time around that have vastly changed, and Megatron's voice. Let's just say, he doesn't sound powerful as he looks (below), lol but his voice does seem to have change by the next episode. A good thing.
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