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Billy Ray Cyrus: "Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family"


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  • Billy Ray Cyrus: "Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family"

    Billy Ray Cyrus: 'Hannah Montana' destroyed family - Yahoo! News


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    Re: Billy Ray Cyrus: "Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family"

    "I mean, the money is great and all, and I'd be some poor white trash instead of some rich white trash, but still, Disney ruined our lives!!"


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      Re: Billy Ray Cyrus: "Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family"

      People make bad choices, and get into drugs and other things, whether they're rich or poor.

      Wealth might certainly make it easier, but it still comes down to personal choice, and personal responsibility.

      Whatever poor choices have been made by the family, the fault lies with them.

      Having said that, drinking and smoking pot at age eightteen is not necesscarily indicative of a troubled teen, it's not really that uncommon. She might grow out of it like most people do.
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        Re: Billy Ray Cyrus: "Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family"

        Billy's career ended and he has been vicariously riding his daughter's and now that his lack of parenting skills have ruined Miley's childhood and any respect in the entertainment industry, he has to blame someone. And, blaming Disney just shows how ignorant and trashy he and his family truly are. Miley just became a product of her upbringing.
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