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  • Stitch! Anime on (other) Disney Channel

    I recently found several YouTube channels hosting the Stitch! anime episodes from Disney Channel Austraila and the like. I'm only six episodes in, and on that episode, there are a lot of comments about how several scenes with Angel were cut out by Disney.

    The first scene that was cut was a scene where Angel and Stitch are talking after being reunited. Angel wants to see something interesting on Stitch's new home, so Stitch decides to show her a landmark called the Spirit Stone (which plays an important part in the serie's overall plot so far). The viewer then sees Angel's imagination as to what the Spirit Stone may be, which is a giant diamond that she is fawning over. When she actually sees what it is, she's disappointed. What was cut was this scene were all the scenes from Angel's imagination about fawning over a large diamond.

    The second cut was later in the episode. Stitch and Angel are star gazing on a hammock. While they are doing this, Angel is singing to Stitch, but then she sneezes, implying she's getting sick. Stitch then puts a blanket over her, and the scene ends with a close up of their faces as they are cuddling. This entire scene was cut out of the episode!

    Can anyone give me some insight as to why these cuts happened?

    I'm looking up information on several sites dedicated to this, and the only thing that's coming up is that ALL of the episodes were trimed down to fit the 22 minute format of Disney Channel's time slot, which I can understand. It's just these cuts that make me kind of confused...
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