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  • 70s Mickey Mouse Club

    Hey everyone. So, when I was a little kid, I always watched the Mickey Mouse Club of the time... the 70s version where the Mouseketeers wore different colored jumpsuits and it was all very disco and whatnot. Ever since then, whenever I am at Disneyland on the Monorail, I have this urge to hang out the door while parked at (or gliding into) the station.

    I recall that at some point in the show, the Mouseketeers did this with each kid hanging out a different door, all the way down the train. For some reason I thought it was somewhere at the opening of the show, but that's not right because the opening was the big animated marching band thing. I've tried searching for video clips of this segment, but no luck so far.

    It can't be my imagination, right? Help me out, guys. Anyone know what I'm talking about, and where in the show it appeared?

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