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Once Upon A Time - No More Frozen (New Villains, instead)


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  • News Once Upon A Time - No More Frozen (New Villains, instead)

    I was going to continue the conversation on the previous OUAT thread ,but found that it's locked, so have to start a new one.
    Anyhow, sharing this link from an article I came across:
    Exclusive: 'Once Upon a Time' bosses tease the Queens of Darkness | Inside TV |

    I was really glad to see that they mentioned that they were saying goodbye to Frozen, felt this entire season that it was a story line forced into the show that really didn't work with the rest of the series.

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    Re: Once Upon A Time - No More Frozen (New Villains, instead)

    I will be sad to see them go, though - only because Emma really needs a friend that she isn't related to and Elsa was perfect for her in that regard. And Elizabeth Lail (Anna) is really freaking adorable and captured the essence of the animated version well.

    I'm super excited about the villians. Maleficent is always a favorite and I'm really curious to see how they mold Cruella into the whole Enchanted Forest lore.
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