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The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

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  • The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

    Okay so I am watching the Emmys and I know everyone is going to have their thoughts.

    Here's my giant raging question:
    When Jaime Pressley (who I can't stand.) won and they scanned to her fiance and behind him was L.A.'s mayor Villaregos (and I know I can't spell that). Why was he there? Was it because there was a camera? Or... I just. Yeah. And I was kinda' okay with who won best supporting actor in a drama. I love "Lost" and "Heroes," so as long as Terry, Masi, or Michael Emerson won I was okay.

    Anyone else?

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    Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

    LOL what was up with Sally Field??


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      Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

      Originally posted by cyre View Post
      LOL what was up with Sally Field??
      And what was up with FOX, editing her comments.

      Neither Ms. Field's actions of using this venue for a stumbling, rambling anti-war comment of Fox's editing or "GD" in her comment seemed appropriate here.

      If FOX edited similar language from some of its other prime time shows, you wouldn't be able to follow the dialogue.
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        Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

        So what did she say??
        dreams. come. true.


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          Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

          I felt the whole show kind of rambled. Most of the shows and people I wanted to win didn't. There were some funny moments but over all I thought it was a dude. And it wasn't only Sally Field that got blacked out. A couple of others did too and it was very sudden and weird how they cut to that hanging black ball thing when they did it. No idea what she said other than you could start to hear her say the gd word(s) about the war. Also, that theater in the round just did not work.


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            Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

            Whatever Sally Field said wasn't "You like me! You really like me!"

            But Katherine Heigl was bleeped for saying something about manure. I won't tell you the word, but if rhymed with "Snit."


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              Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

              Quick rant......James Spader!!????

              Do any of the voters actually watch TV?
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                Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

                Oh, the lovely and talented Al Gore!?! :blink:
                Now all he needs is a Grammy and a Tony... (Wait, does he have those already?) :vogue:

                Make it stop, please make it stop....
                Last edited by parkfreak; 09-17-2007, 06:35 PM. Reason: Sarcasm may not have been evident enough ;)
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                  Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

                  Sally Fields and James Spader? Please. It should have been Edie Falco and James Gandolfini. Period. And it should also have been Lorraine Bracco over Katherine Heigl. Blech.

                  Sopranos forever! :lol:


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                    Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

                    I absolutely hated the new stage configuration. When the show started, I expected to see Regis appear and start asking the audience to key in the people they think would win that evening, and then give the celeb with the most correct answers a chance for the hot seat at actually winning an award.

                    Also, I didn't like Ryan Seacrest's material AT ALL. :thumbdown

                    Overall, I wasn't impressed by this year's show.


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                      Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

                      Wow, interesting comments. I enjoyed the show. I didn't think the "theater-in-the-round" configuration worked for the live audience, but I did like that cast members had a greater chance of sitting together. I thought Seacrest did pretty well. I was enjoying Sally Field's comments up until she lost what she was going to say, I found the speech to be thoughtful, but then it fell apart.

                      I was a bit stunned that the cast members of the Sopranos didn't end up winning, although I was glad they got the big award at the end. That felt like a great way to end the series and the Emmys last night.

                      It felt pretty lively to me, most of the jokes hit and there was more than enough spontaneous moments to feel like an interesting night of television.


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                        Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

                        I didnt dig ryan as the host,he just..wasnt funny..they should just have conan obrien host every award show

                        Jamie pressly shouldnt have won

                        Rainn wilson should have won instead of piven!
                        Rainn with kanye was probably the best part of the whole show,that and


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                          Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

                          What a boring show. Absolutely god-awful.

                          I didn't even watch the end.

                          When are they going to seperate Late-Night shows like Jon Stewart, Conan, etc with the "Specials" like Tony Bennet? I mean, last year Rod Stewart won, this year Tony Bennet. For what? Going up there and singing the same songs he's been singing for 180 years? That's a great thing, but it shouldn't be in the same category as those other shows.

                          One highlight was Lewis Black though. I love that guy.


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                            Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

                            Originally posted by tory_c View Post
                            Raise your hand if your fake tanned!

                            Seriously... I didn't realize how fake tanned Steve Carrell was until that picture. Sorry.

                            They cut to the black ball thing (which I thought was just an accident until Sally Fields) with Ray Romano (why was he there?) and another person that I am spacing on. And how could they mis-pronounced Katherine Heigls name? Don't they practice everyones name before it's televised?

                            The stage design: it was cool, I guess. I felt bad for the cast of Ugly Betty. I didn't like the whole "the greenest emmys ever" how much electricity did the show take? How much plastic (yes including the plastic surgery) was used? It was hypocritical.

                            The jokes: I laughed when Seacrest was like "Hayden for your birthday I sat you as far away from Jeremy Piven as possible." Because pre-Entourage I loved Jeremy Piven. Now he kinda' skeeves me out. I laughed at the Neil Patrick Harris "she can vote." Thing because I swear everyone has this yucky crush on Hayden P... can'tspellhername. And the Kayne West thing was funny I put it in my sig line.

                            America Ferrarra looked pretty.


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                              Re: The 2007 Emmys-thoughts and comments?

                              I didn't catch that Sally Fields was starting to say "GD" - I thought they cut because she was obviously going to say *another* thing about the war. Which, if that's the case, I thought they should have censored her long before that as they let her go on and on and on... The radio host this morning made an interesting comment that her character on the show she won for is the mother of a young man about to be sent to Iraq. I don't watch the show, so I didn't know that, but I thought it put an interesting twist on her acceptance.

                              But I thought she crossed the crazy line when the music started and people started cheering and clapping over what she was saying (mothers with children in "danger") and she starts screaming (Screaming!) for everyone to be quiet so she can finish.

                              Ray Romano sucked and took forever. His speech patterns are worse than Southern Drawl. I've never liked him and I also couldn't understand what he was doing there.

                              I liked the Kanye West moment when he's like, "I didn't win. " Cracked me up!

                              Terry O'Quin won! :yea:

                              And I liked the Family Guy intro! Very funny.
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